Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Summary: In Israel? You might as well check out the latest in bulletproof vests and unmanned aerial vehicles.

TOPICS: Security

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  • Hand Shock

    If you're a drummer in a heavy metal band in Europe, you may be familiar with this one. The Hand Shock is the latest in crowd control, according to company rep Shmuel Shachar. Police officers can detain someone by the elbow with it. They sell it in Germany and Russia but not the U.S. yet. "Too many lawyers," Shachar explained.

  • Ford pickup

    Plasan Sasa has taken a Ford pickup truck and redesigned it for combat. At 4 tons, it's lighter than most similar armored vehicles. It came out late last year.

  • Fingerprint reader time clock

    This is one of the most insidious inventions at the show. Bioline has taken a fingerprint reader and stuck it on a time clock. Thus, your boss can know exactly when you came to work and left. The company claims 20 percent of employees lie about when they get to work and they underestimate their lateness by around 5 to 7 percent. It hasn't come to the United States yet.

Topic: Security

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