Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Photos: When tech gets bulletproof

Summary: In Israel? You might as well check out the latest in bulletproof vests and unmanned aerial vehicles.

TOPICS: Security

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  • Broadband jammer

    The broadband jammer from Netline. "It jams VHF, UHF, satellite phones, cellular, radio," explained a representative. The company also sells a portable version that comes with its own suitcase.

  • Doorjamb

    This doorjamb from Hydro Noa will remove a steel door in about three seconds. It can also be bought in a kit with a bolt cutter and a device that spreads window bars.

  • Bulletproof glass

    Bulletproof glass from H.D. Protection. "This window holds M-16s and Kalashnikovs," explained company representative Porat Dan. The company also makes steel doors that can survive a blast of a bomb weighing 830 kilograms.

Topic: Security

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