Photos: Where art meets science

Photos: Where art meets science

Summary: From starfish-like hairs on a leaf to a floating paperclip, winners of the 2005 Novartis and The Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Photographic Awards are eclectic and colorful.

TOPICS: Health

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  • Hairs on leaf

    The 2005 Novartis and The Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Photographic Awards, supported by the Science Photo Library, produced some colorful and eclectic art-meets-science winners this year. Contest entries came from professors, doctors, researchers, scanning electron microscopists, artists, photographers and students.

    This photograph does not portray orange starfish on a rocky seabed, but rather tiny star-shaped hairs on a plant's leaf. The hairs, called trichomes, can help stop insects from feeding on the leaf and prevent some water loss.

  • Shrimp cleaning teeth

    A shrimp enters the mouth of a fish to clean its teeth. Fish value this service because shrimp can remove and eat harmful parasites. When fish need a cleaning, they approach the anemone in the background, in which the shrimp lives, and open their mouths, encouraging the shrimp in. Both partners benefit.

Topic: Health

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