Photos: Will America drive small and Smart?

Photos: Will America drive small and Smart?

Summary: DaimlerChrysler plans to sell the successor to its itsy-bitsy Smart ForTwo car in the United States in 2008.

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  • traffic

    The most obvious advantage of the Smart car is its manueverability on city streets. As you can see, two eight-foot Smart ForTwo cars take up almost the same space as one taxi. Gas mileage is estimated 46.3 miles per gallon in cities and 70.6 on the highway, according to DaimlerChrysler. And imagine the parking possibilities.

  • Passion coupe

    One of the current models is the Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe. DaimlerChrysler describes Smart car owners this way: "Smart people are open minded, question the existing and live consciously."

    The three new models to be sold in the United States are expected to be announced near the end of 2007.

  • door change

    Tired of your Smart car's looks? Just change the body parts.

Topic: Telcos

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