Photos: Worst tech of 2006 (so far)

Photos: Worst tech of 2006 (so far)

Summary: Everyone knows a dud when they see it and CNET reviewers have seen a lot of them so far this year.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Sony Walkman Bean

    2. Worst MP3 player named after a legume: Sony Walkman Bean
    Thanks to hissy audio, a weird interface, and stupid controls, we'd rather listen to a plate of three-bean salad than to Sony's bean-shaped player. For what it's worth, the Sony Walkman Bean is also the best MP3 player named after a legume. But there isn't much competition in that category.
  • 3. Worst-kept secret: Microsoft Origami
    "We're working on a top-secret project that will blow your mind, and we won't give details until next week. Except that it's bigger than a handheld and smaller than a notebook PC. Oh, and it has tablet functionality. And we're calling it the ultramobile PC. But that's all we're saying!" Ooh, mysterious.
  • 4. Most overhyped announcement: Apple's "fun, new products"
    Media and fans alike worked themselves into a froth of excitement over the possibilities of Apple's February 28 announcement of "fun, new products." But alas, the iPod Hi-Fi, leather Nano cases, and an Intel Mac Mini were nowhere near as fun or as new as the stuff in our imaginations. Now our imaginations are filled with images of Apple jumping the shark.

Topic: Hardware

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