Photos: Xbox 360 lands in Japan

Photos: Xbox 360 lands in Japan

Summary: Microsoft brings its next-generation game console to the home turf of rivals Sony and Nintendo.

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  • Lining up for Xbox 360

    Lines, lines, everywhere are lines, when a new game console comes out. This time around it was the Dec. 10, 2005, debut of Microsoft's Xbox 360 in Japan.

    Earlier this fall, game enthusiasts in the U.S. gathered in an aircraft hangar to get their hands on the device. Sony's PSP has had the same effect on people.

  • Crowd inside

    The big moment draws near, after approximately 200 people stood in line, some overnight. Despite the devotion of some, not everyone felt such a strong desire--an independent study by publisher Enterbrain reported that Microsoft sold a modest 62,000 consoles in the first weekend of sales. Some players were disappointed by the postponed release of the game "Dead or Alive 4."

Topic: Microsoft

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