Rocketdyne F-1 and J-2 Rocket Engine Development and Testing

Rocketdyne F-1 and J-2 Rocket Engine Development and Testing

Summary: The F-1 and J-2 Rocket Engines, developed by Rocketdyne, were the essential propulsion components of the Saturn V space vehicle.

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  • A 1961 photo of the F-1 undergoing early testing at Edwards Air Force Base. (Photo Courtesy Rocketdyne)

  • Another dramatic photo of the F-1 on its gigantic test stand undergoing a test firing. (Photo Courtesy Rocketdyne)

  • F-1 engines being assembled at Rocketdyne. (Photo Courtesy Rocketdyne)

Topic: Tech Industry


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  • Saturn Rocket Engines

    Isn't it amazing what the USA used to be capable of before we had such strong lawyers. Today we couldn't do this. Someone might get hurt.
    • got that right

      Lawyers have ruined this land, they started right from the outset and have been chipping away ever since.

      Many of the founding fathers believed lawyers should be forbidden from holding elected office. Good idea. They're almost all lawyers in government, and look at the mess we're in.

      Thomas Jefferson actually said all lawyers should be rounded up every ten years and executed.
    • Don't be ridiculous!

      There were lawyers in the 1960s and they made sure the workers were as safe as possible, given the fact that developing and testing new things is inherently risky. The government paid very generously when someone was hurt, so there were no lawyers stopping progress. The canard about "nuisance lawsuits" is recited by business bosses who want NO culpability when they DO commit negligence by cutting safety costs too far, like in the days when girls doing sewing were locked into a firetrap building and most of them died when the building caught fire. The definition of a "nuisance" lawsuit is that YOU didn't file it.
  • RE: Werner von Braun and the S-IC Stage (Rocketdyne F-1 and J-2 Rocket Engine Development and Testing)

    I love these engines because they remind me of what we used to be able to do in the country.
    • I agree

      We seem to really be loosing our way. Millions to Acorn and cut the NASA budget and lay off thousands of skilled workers and then pay the Russians to get us to our own (we paid for most of it) space station. Now that's the real change.
    • We could do it again, and even better,

      if we made the investment. Businesses want to "invest" only in swapping paperwork to make sure they come out on top, not in building new things. Inventors who START businesses are the only businesspeople who really innovate these days. And when they turn over operation to the bean counters, it's all copycat after that.
  • RE: Werner von Braun and the S-IC Stage (Rocketdyne F-1 and J-2 Rocket Engi

    My Dad was Engineering/Manufacturing Co-ordinator for the
    S5. I remember viewing nighttime test in the hills above the
    San Fernando Valley. They and the afternoon tests would
    shake the whole valley. Nearly as impressive as watching
    Shuttle (and Mercury) firings clear across the Florida
  • Saturn V Shocked the World

    Nothing compares to a Saturn V launch. A shock wave could be seen in the Banana River coming across to Titusville. You didn't hear it first, you felt it rumble up from the ground.

    BTW - those rockets laying on their sides at Kennedy, Stennis, and Houston - they are operational. They were spares and missions we never took because we killed Apollo so quickly.

    Why not dust them off and use them?