Say hello to Google’s new, old Chrome OS (gallery)

Say hello to Google’s new, old Chrome OS (gallery)

Summary: Many new desktops default a single window that takes up the whole screen. The latest developer build of Google’s Chrome OS goes back to multiple windows.

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  • At first the developer version of Chrome OS with the Aura desktop manager looks pretty much like the old Chrome OS except for the dock at the bottom.

    Read my blog for more information about the new Chrome OS.

  • But, what’s this? Chrome OS now gives you a background and lets you launch applications from the dock just like Mac OS X.

Topics: Browser, Google

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  • google/Linux/windows

    after installing numerous versions of Linux why would i go for a Google linux. Yes it looks nice and a lot better than most distros that i have used before but I am finally back to using xp and not switching for a while. Maybe windows 7 or 9 in the future. The downfalls of linux are its to many distro's and not able to use certain software without trying to do a hack or something. Linux does not do Netflix,Itunes, pc games or when you download something its always rom a package manager and then once you download it. The software doesn't install like off the fly. I have loved linux for a long time but there are just somethings that windows does better.
    • It's really not that complicated....

      I would say you never gave yourself a real chance to learn Linux. I have not had a problem with software in Ubuntu in I don't know how long, but I am also not a gamer and I don't use Itunes for music, so to each his own.