Say hello to the new look of Google Plus (screenshots)

Say hello to the new look of Google Plus (screenshots)

Summary: It's still a work in process -- what's with the huge swatch of white space Google? -- but the new Google Plus makes the social network for grown-ups even more interesting than it has been before.


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  • The first thing you'll notice with the new Google Plus look is there's now a left hand Google Plus application ribbon. The idea is to make it easier for you to get to the parts of Google Plus you hang out the most in.

    For more about the new Google Plus, read my blog.

  • On a large display though, you'll also see there's a large white space between the update stream and your IM/VoIP/video-conference panel. Something, we don't know what yet, is going to go there. Video? Your choice of gadgets ala iGoogle, we don't know.

  • Of course, it could be for sticky notes...  You can also see though that on your Home page, you'll now see a trending on Google Plus display, shades of Twitter's trending feature.

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  • Refined Look, Great Improvement on the Interface

    Great fan of your articles...

    G+ new interface looks much nicer, options easier to read not as cluttered, I belive they are close to the final user friendly release :-)
  • Lipstick on a pig still a pig. Just say no to Google spyware.