Screen Shootout: Droid vs. iPhone

Screen Shootout: Droid vs. iPhone

Summary: One of the Droid's best features is its massive 3.7-inch screen. This gallery compares the 854 x 480 screen in the Droid to the iPhone's 320 x 480 offering. This gallery is a side-by-side comparison of the screen on the Droid from Verizon Wireless and the iPhone from AT&T.


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  • Here we see the Apple home page on the iPhone (left) and on the Droid (right). Notice how much extra vertical space is visible on the Droid's longer screen.

  • Here we see on both phones, notice how much more of the page is viewable on the Droid's almost 3x-larger screen. The URL bar is much more compact in Android too.

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  • Droid whites

    In looking at each of these pics, the white on the Droid seems very yellow. Is this eactually the case or is it a product of the photo?
    • Re: Droid whites

      The white background on my Droid background is pretty white. The Droid can be set to adjust its brightness based on the ambient light: I wonder if it was just deadening the white in response to the camera/camera flash.
    • Very yellowed. The contrast stinks, too.

      In every one of those images, I prefer the iPhone display for its higher contrast and whiter whites. Just more proof that resolution isn't everything, I guess. I also noticed that the HTML renderer distorted the aspect ratio of some images displayed on the Droid. Overall, it looks like they used a crappy screen to save a few bucks so they could add the other hardware features of the Droid.
    • Looks like a laundry detergent commercial

      ...where the Droid is the leading other brand...
  • RE: Screen Shootout: Droid vs. iPhone - (Screen Shootout: Droid vs. iPhone)

    I too would be very bothered by the yellowness of the screen if these pics are acurate.
    • They aren't accurate

      The screen is neither yellow, dim, or blurry. The only time it is dim is when you turn the back-light off. There is a widget to do this and manage all of your power features from your desktop. Whoever took the pictures either had inferior camera equipment, poor picture taking skills, a broken phone, or was intentionally skewing the results. My only complaint is the battery life, and I'm ordering the extended battery to deal with this. To be fair though, when my battery drained quickly, I was using Google Maps navigate as my GPS without a car charger for about 1.5 hours, and I was showing off the speak to search and other cool features to some clients. Normal use probably won't drain it quite so quickly. Also, I picked up a car charger for when I use the GPS function.
  • Question about the YouTube test

    I remember my little Droid booklet mentioning that there was an option you had to choose to view YouTube videos in high-def. Did you have that setting turned on in the YouTube comparison shot?
    • YouTube Test

      It's obvious here that the Droid pictured in this comparison test of YouTube playback is NOT set to view in high quality mode. When playing back video on YouTube, if you click on the menu button, a pop up window appears and you can click on "More" and then "Watch in high quality" versus the default of normal quality. I did a side by side comparison of the Droid with both an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 3GS and the Droid kicked butt. This was when both phones were on their respective 3G networks. When the iPhones were put on wifi, then the quality of the videos were closer.
  • RE: Screen Shootout: Droid vs. iPhone - (Screen Shootout: Droid v

    It looks like the text/images are smaller on the Droid. I personally
    like the clarity of iphones. Ultimately if comes down to user
    interface and hardware which Apple excels in. Google might be
    the new Microsoft, but they have a lot of work cut out for them. I
    think their target should be Blackberry and Windows Mobile rather
    than Apple. Apple design is hard to compete with, especially on a
    competitively priced product.
    • Higher Res ...

      It's a higher resolution screen, therefore you
      [b]can[/b] display smaller text (and thus more
      the screen) but you don't have to. You are not
      losing clarity however, in fact the opposite is
      true. For example if you were to zoom the
      (or change the settings) so that the text were
      same size as that of the iPhone, then you'd
      that the text on the Droid is clearer and
      than the iPhone text.
  • Screen Resolution

    Maybe it's just me but the screen on the Droid looks terrible! Its all washed out and yellow.
    Is it just me?!?
    The article rants about how much better the Droid screen is but from these pictures, it doesn't look that way to me.
  • they both suck

    at displaying information. From my perspective, they are
    approximately equally inadequate when compared to a
    • Compared to a desktop?

      Yes, they are inadequate when compared to a desktop, but I can't carry my desktop around on my belt.
    • ummm..we're talking MOBILE here..

      "at displaying information. From my perspective, they are approximately equally inadequate when compared to a desktop. "

      Perhaps you missed the point of this article. It has ZERO to do with a desktop experience which is obviously going to be totally different from a mobile device.

      Try to stick with the program.
    • ofcourse they do

      Ofcourse they both suck at displaying data as good as a full computer but thing is full computer really sucks at fitting into my pocket.
      • You've got that right!!

        Is that a computer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? ;-)
        Arm A. Geddon
    • DUH!!

      OMG I think I just had a little stroke reading that post. You gotta warn people first "Warning: the following post may create an artificial singularity with the sheer mass of it's obviousness!" or similar.
    • A response to David-Helmut

      Then put your beloved desktop in your pocket and take it with you.
  • Droid looks pretty bad next to the iPhone.

    Resolution and color don't look that great when compared
    to the iPhone. The screen is longer but skinnier than
    iPhone which does not benefit video with a fixed aspect
    ratio. As you will notice the video ends up smaller than the
    iPhone's. The Droid whites are really on the warm side as

    I wonder why they went with such a weird elongated form
    factor which really doesn't optimize viewing space. In
    landscape position you will get bigger horizontal viewing
    of webpages, but less of the page. In portrait its webpage
    view is much smaller than the iPhone's?
    • 16:9 video display?

      Just guessing. On my Storm, it's annoying to lose so much top/bottom on movies.