Screenshots: BitTorrent stars in new Opera 9

Screenshots: BitTorrent stars in new Opera 9

Summary: Opera adds BitTorrent, tabs and widgets to the latest edition of its Web browser.

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  • Widgets

    Opera is pushing "widgets," or small, easy-to-use Web applications, in its new release. The widgets pages feature a list of customizable gadgets from games to podcasts. Widgets can also be run outside the browser. Here is a list of the featured news RSS feeds that are available.

  • Security features

    The Opera 9 browser incorporates security and privacy features intended to tame the wild, wild Web. Users can clear cache and history when exiting, accept or reject cookies, and use 256-bit encryption with newer encryption standards. It also displays security information inside the address field.

  • Tool bars

    Opera allows people to easily customize their toolbars. The black arrow (right) points to the toolbar of favorites.

Topic: Browser

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