Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

Summary: The Document Foundations debuts its first full, stable (and free) release of the next generation of OpenOffice - LibreOffice 3.3.


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  • There's now a Microsoft Works import filter.

  • There's also a Lotus Word Pro import filter.

  • There are new bundled extensions, such as the Presenter View in Impress.

Topics: Software, Collaboration, Open Source

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  • LibreOffice starts with a bang!

    Real happy LibreOffice is born.
    • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

      @DoomsdayParanoia Agreed looks very successful <a href="" rel="muse">web design</a> tool.
  • 0ne million rows?

    So they are enabling people to shoehorn spreadsheets into handling large amounts of data? ...which spreadsheets suck at and were never designed to do. Spreadsheets are for secretaries ...
  • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

    Oh, please! "New" features in LibreOffice 3.3? These are the features that are already in the Go-OO variant of OpenOffice! All they've done is renamed Go-OO to LibreOffice, and Go-OO is basically patches on top of OpenOffice. There's still no LibreOffice, and forking OpenOffice for no reason is insane, especially if they'll just track OpenOffice and add a few tweaks on top of it the way Go-OO has.
    • From the Go-OO website...

      @jgm@... I ain't sayin' nuthin', I'm just sayin'...

      "Go-oo joins forces with LibreOffice
      Go-oo shares much of its goals and philosophy with The Document Foundation's LibreOffice project, we're therefore supporting LibreOffice since it's inception, and are in the process of merging most of our patches over, as well as migrating to Document Foundation infrastructure. Going forward, the Go-oo project will be discontinued in favor of LibreOffice."
    • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

      This is only the first release. Who knows what they will introduce by later releases.
  • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

    I think I'll stick with Office 2010.
    • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

      Looks like you didn't pay for Office 2010.
    • Hehe ..

      @MadWhiteHatter ... methinks you dead right.

      At any rate, L.0 3.3 Looks like it's well worth a serious look.
  • Database?

    Where is the database? "LibreOffice...
  • RE: Screenshots: New features from LibreOffice 3.3

    So with all these improvements, it doesn't matter what you are importing, it WILL NOT look like the original. I'm sure all you OSSaholics will blame the application that created it, but the reality of the situation is that OO and Libre Office are not the industry leaders, so they really need to be able to faithfully reproduce what any other application created. Apparently, in this case, you still get what you pay for, no matter what the applications name is (this week).