Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

Summary: As it turns out, my old Xbox red-ringed, so we brought the first Kinect back and bought the bundle. Sigh. Here's what the Kinect combo looks like.


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    Here's a side view of the machine. Notice the venting on the side. This has some interesting implications. First, of course, this means you can't stack anything on top of this Xbox.
    Second, maybe with better and more centralized venting, this new Xbox form factor will cool better and we won't see so many Red Rings of Death.

    The front of the new Xbox 360, upside down (hey, your gallery photographer hadn't had coffee in hours!).
    In any case, it's important to note that this Xbox doesn't have physical buttons.
    These buttons are touch sensitive and, boy-oh-boy, sensitive is the operative word. You can just brush by the Xbox and the disk tray will shoot out.
    It's actually a very annoying design element and, because it suddenly starts the machine, may cause its own brand of failure. Joy.
  •  Here's the back. We'll look more closely at it in the next slide.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Microsoft

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  • RE: Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

    Kinect is awesome!!
  • RE: Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

    I like the bundle but why is ZDnet using a slideshow control that causes postbacks?
    • the whole slideshow thing is 100% idiotic

      @Mythos7 I pretty much don't read the slideshow posts anymore. I get tricked into looking at the first slide, but I'm not sitting there clicking and waiting for each boring slide to load. Just write a nice single page article with a few photos like normal people. Don't have time for this idiocy.
  • design

    when i see the design of a microrosft product box i always have to think of this hilarious video:
    banned from zdnet
  • RE: Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

    HDMI isn't common just yet. In fact, my home doesn't have ONE TV (and only one computer) that can export or import HDMI video, so it's a waste for most people.<br><br>In about 10 years, when HDMI is STANDARD on all TV's, then HDMI cables only would be a good idea.
  • RE: Sexy new Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle unboxing

    What a cheap looking pile of plastic, and poor packaging job, it all looked 'thrown' into a box. That thing won't last a year under real use.
    • Real Use? Please understand the product

      before trolling about it. The Kinect sits on the stand, untouched.<br>You are mistaking it for a Wii style controller.<br><br>Did you actually belive that you held the Kinect in your hand to use it?<br>
      Tim Cook