Sharp LC-80LE632U (photos)

Sharp LC-80LE632U (photos)

Summary: The Sharp LC-80LE632U is the biggest consumer LCD on the market, but it offers relatively poor performance for the money.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Overview

    It's no secret why you're here; the lure of an 80-inch flat-panel television is too great for anyone to resist. Being the first one on the market, the Sharp LC-80LE632U is bound to attract a lot of attention, and despite some of its more obvious flaws, I think that it's a size I want to see more of. Building a television this size is an expensive undertaking, and you're inevitably paying a premium to be one of the first.

    The downside is its less than impressive picture quality, namely poor black levels and inaccurate colors. The 80-inch LC-80LE632U is actually the same (high!) price as the 60-inch Sharp Elite, which delivers a better picture in nearly every way. But even given the barrow full of gold you'll need to purchase this monster, and some of its foibles, the sheer size of the LC-80LE632U cannot help but blow many viewers away.

  • As wide as a reviewer is tall

    At 80 inches diagonal, the LE632 is equivalent to a person 6 feet, 8 inches in height.

Topic: Hardware

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