Social engineering tactics of the Koobface botnet

Social engineering tactics of the Koobface botnet

Summary: The gang behind the Koobface botnet is periodically updating the template it relies on for infecting new years. Here are some of the most popular ones introduced by the gang throughout the year.


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  • Among the earliest and most popular spoofing attempts done by the Koobface gang.

  • The process of coming up with legitimately looking spoofs of known applications or web sites has already been monetized. In this case, the underground seller is offering a fake Adobe Flash Updater tool.

Topics: Malware, Security, Social Enterprise

Dancho Danchev

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  • Koobface October 2009 Youtube spoof

    You might want to check out the 3rd image for the article "Koobface October 2009 Youtube spoof". There is some words in it that some might not want to see.
  • Bottom Line...

    Never download flash from anywhere but adobe, and if a
    site says your player is out of date, then manually go to
    adobe yourself. If adobe says your flash player is up to
    date, another site says it's not and wants you to install
    from a .exe from their site, then it's time to rip your
    ethernet cable from the wall, immediately unplug your
    computer, open case, remove hd, call a priest for an
    exorcism, then finish by shooting said hd with silver
    bullets and soaking the corpse generously with holy
    water... You know, just in case...