Steve Jobs: Then and Now

Steve Jobs: Then and Now

Summary: The many faces of Steve Jobs, from his garage days with Steve Wozniak to introducing the Apple iPad.


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  • Steve Jobs and John Sculley promoting the Mac (left) and the Lisa (right).


    Steve Jobs promoting the NeXT Workstation.
  • Steve Jobs and the iconic Pixar desk lamp.

Topic: Apple

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  • Steve Jobs

    Even though the only Apple products that I own are ipods, his value to Apple is still high. People believe in him, and there are few company CEO's that have the kind of support that he has. He seems to have Vision which can be in short supply in the day and age. He has a vast army of supporters that are ready to do his bidding, and lots of other independent people see the value of his products and have bought them. He is only one man in a gigantic corporation, and his effect will be mostly positive.
  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

    Why do people Idolize this man, his only claim to fame is to steal the GUI for Mac from Xerox Parc
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

      @winddrift03 Do you really think xerox would sit tight and watch the show if Apple really copied the UI? they would have sued Apple..Its just a concept and also, Apple paid for it in a deal involving some Apple shares.
      • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

        @pradhanavs@... Good thing for Apple that Xerox didn't sue, then.

        OH, WAIT:
        Scott Raymond
      • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now


        Actually, Apple was sued by Xerox while Apple was suing Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. 5 of 6 counts in the Xerox suit were dismissed in court while a 6th count that Apple was attempting to usurp Xerox's ownership of the Star technology was left in place. It seems that Xerox never did manage to show they had reasonable grounds to believe that such usurpation was taking place so that 6th count was abandoned.
      • So they did that once in their history big deal

        @Scott Raymond
        It's not like they make a habit of it.

        Ok, so maybe not [i]much[/i] of a habit, anyway...
        John Zern
      • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

        @pradhanavs@... Xerox did sue Apple the same time Apple tried to sue MS...kind of funny actually.
      • Suing has nothing to do with what happened, Xerox' case was eventually ...

        @Scott Raymond: ... declined/lost as unfounded. Apple paid to Xerox with its own shares.
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now


      Revisionism is your way of life?

      From what I've read, Apple and Xerox had an agreement which allowed Xerox to buy pre-IPO stock in return for the engineers visits to Xerox and the understanding that Apple would use this information to create a GUI product. If Xerox had held on to the Apple stock it purchased instead of dumping it almost immediately, that stock would be worth a good chunk of Xerox's current value.
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

      Xerox owned a share in Apple at the time. That's why he was invited to see the work and was not sued for following up on inventions the Xerox suits in Buffalo didn't know what to do with.
      Norman Runge
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

      @winddrift03 No one STOLE the gui. No one STOLE the mouse. No one STOLE the listing algorithm that Google uses. It was all government research funding. Hence, Palo Alto RESEARCH center. XEROX headed it, the government funded it. The country benefited from it.
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

      @winddrift03 Or recognise the value of it when Xerox's own board couldn't?

      He refined it, if you look at Xerox's system is lacks "style" the Lisa and the Mac had that from day one.

      He helped create a fantastic programming system (NEXTSTEP - now Cocoa). Yes Brad Cox deserves a mention too.

      He helped create the iOS (which is nothing like what Xerox had during that fateful visit).

      Then there is Pixar...
    • Again this ignorant nonsense; Jobs bought licence from Xerox on that

      @winddrift03: it is time to stop the lies already.
  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

    The genius of Steve Jobs and how he continually changed the communication of the world will long be remembered. Who will remember Bill Gates for what in the future?
    Norman Runge
  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

    Did he invent? No. Provide a useful and attractive one? Yes.
    Extract large sums of cash? Not really. He provides good value. I have purchased and kept 8 Mac systems since the late 1980s. They all continue to function and retain utility.
    IPads are new on the scene. They, like anything else, have not reached their full potential. Apple's is the least expensive and, clearly, the most useful and attractive to the public.
    Most of Steve Jobs wealth is Apple. His money is "where his mouth is." If you would have invested in Apple stock 5 years ago, you could have tripled your investment. He shares the wealth, too.
    As for what he does WITH his money? It's his he can do what he wants, he earned it. That's everyone's right. A truly generous person doesn't talk about it.
    All that being said, I admire Steve Jobs. I wish him the best.
  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now


    Firstly my name is not "pumpkin" and I am most certainly not your "dear dear boy".

    I simply made the point that Bill Gates donates vast sums to charity. A point you have not disputed or disproved. He may have been "shamed into it" as you put it but he does "do it".
    You yourself concede that "the only thing we know about jobs charity contributions is that we don't know anything at all". So I asked if you had proof that he contributes. You say you don't know so therefore he probably does. Wow! Hard to beat logic like that.

    What's not hard to see is that the language you use with your "pumpkin; my dear dear boy; etc is that of complete condascension. No wonder you're such a fan of Steve's.
    • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

      @bobmor@... Steve Jobs draws a line between his business life and private. So we really do have no idea. However Al Gore is a friend, so maybe he does...

      Bill Gates is quite different, in business that was everything he was, then he completely switched. It was as open in both endeavours.

      I don't think we can really compare the two. I think your appraisal of Steve Jobs is rather biased.
  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now

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  • RE: Steve Jobs: Then and Now