Strange technology inventions and mods

Strange technology inventions and mods

Summary: There's some odd inventions out there - from solar-powered bikinis to USB BBQs.

TOPICS: Hardware

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  • Forget static posters -- what if the pin-up your daughter has on her bedroom wall could respond to her overtures?

    It may sound like a concept from the world of Harry Potter, but scientists at Japan’s Keio University have developed just that -- a poster that responds when a person kisses it. The creative mind behind the poster, Keidai Ogawa, explained that he began to develop the idea after becoming frustrated and annoyed at the static nature of his pop idol and celebrity posters.

    The technology behind the interactive poster is disarmingly simple. The poster is displayed on a screen, and the images portrayed depend on the distance between user and poster. By using an overhead electronic sensor, the poster flips images based on the proximity of an individual.

    Once you hone in, the image changes from the default to the ‘moment before’ a kiss -- and then blushes and giggles afterwards.


  • Have you ever left your computer to grab a cup of coffee, and found your cat lying happily on your keyboard, causing destruction to the email you were writing -- and which may have just been sent to your CEO?

    Pawsense is software designed by Arizonia-based inventor Chris Niswander. The program detects 'cat-like' typing across a keyboard, and blocks typing until an individual unlocks the screen.



  • This USB-powered BBQ is one of many pretty cool modifications people make to their computer hardware. 

    Yes, the PC still functions -- even though the barbeque plate is powered by 30 USB ports spread out over five USB PCI cards. Kaizo Aho Ichidai developed the mod after one single 500mw USB port failed to provide enough power to fry an egg.

    Needless to say, it is probably best not to try this at home.  


Topic: Hardware

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  • The computer powered BBQ

    would cost more than just buying a hotplate.
  • That looks sooooo uncomfortable!

  • The picture attracts me

    As the subject, i was attacted by the picture only...
    I think this applies:
  • Any disclaimers?

    Such as:

    Slippery when wet.
    Do not submerge above this line.
    Tingles when activated.
    May be non-toxic.
    Do not short!
    May explode under certain circumstances.
  • cool but not

    I think the idea is cool, but no body seemed to notice "where is the top?"