Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Summary: With such a high number of developers implementing application software to send out their own programming ideas to the masses, it's not surprising some more unusual apps have appeared in the marketplace.


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  • Name: Pig Chase

    Maker: Utrecht School of the Arts

    Compatibility: iPad?

    It may only be a concept at the moment, but we may soon be able to interact and play with animals through our mobile devices -- the latest step up in virtual pets?

    The Playing with Pigs project from the Utrecht School of the Arts is in development in order to study the relationship between people and domesticated animals.

    Pigs play by touching a ball of light in their pen -- which is controlled by the iPad user:

    • Every time the pig touches the sphere, it creates colorful sparks. 
    • If a human and pig move the ball in harmony, and the ball of light moves through a goal triangle, then it creates a big display of fireworks. 
    • The number of goal triangle targets a person and pig hit in one session are recorded on a high score table.

    Click here to see a video of the app in action.

    Source: Playing with pigs

  • Name: Painting with Time

    Maker: Red Hill Studios

    Compatibility: iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later

    This relatively new iPad application, launched Dec 2011, allows users to add the effect of passing time to images. Based on the 'Exploring Time' documentary series, the user is able to add ageing effects to photography in many different ways.

    Whether you would like to use this tool to change people, landscapes, or famous scenes, there's no limit. The app comes with a handy gallery of photos to experiment on, and you can either take slices of an original photo to manipulate or use your finders freestyle.

    Source: App store

Topics: iPad, iPhone, Mobility, Software Development

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  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    The Muslims will not like this.
    • Feed them a fart app from 2009 then

      As I remember there were plenty around, there must be at least one to fit their tastes.
      Not a Fool
  • Oh...

    ... so this is the way they got to half a million apps in the store!
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    "Not sure if your partner is telling the truth?"

    If you need an app to tell you this - you either need more common sense or to kill the relationship, or perhaps both . . .

    "Play with goo"

    Also available for PC and Mac. In fact, it was originally a PC game.

    "Pop bubble wrap"

    uhhh - what? Some people really are too bored, I guess.

    "This free, ironic app can be used to fill that awkward moment after a joke that bombed, or to try and cover a social faux pas."

    Even more awkward: Pulling out your phone just to make a sound.
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    (duplicate - ZDNet talkbacks still broken, sigh)