Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Summary: With such a high number of developers implementing application software to send out their own programming ideas to the masses, it's not surprising some more unusual apps have appeared in the marketplace.


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  • Name: Hold on!

    Maker: IMAK Creations

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

    This app costs £0.69, just over a dollar. The premise is simple -- hold your finger or thumb down on the button and maintain it for as long as possible. A timer shows your progress and allows you to compete against previous high scores.

    If you want to battle against others, a bluetooth option means you can use the app's multiplayer option. 

    Source: App store

  • Name: iSteam

    Maker: Konstantinos Eleftheriou

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    The iSteam app costs $0.99 has been downloaded over 2 million times, and the main aim of the app is to turn your mobile device in to a 'steamy' photo editor. The app turns your screen in to a foggy, watery surface, and you can blow on your mic to further haze a screen.

    Some features include:

    • Write and draw on foggy surfaces
    • Shake to clear the screen and start over.
    • Use your favorite image as the mirror background.
    • Write secret messages for your friends to blow in the microphone and reveal
    • Share your edited photos through email.  

    Source: App store

  • Name: iBoak

    Maker: Mark McKie

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

    An app that costs $0.69, this is a nasty little bolt-on for your mobile device that makes various vomiting sounds. For the discerning user, there is a number of different sounds you can select from.

    Source: App store

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  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    The Muslims will not like this.
    • Feed them a fart app from 2009 then

      As I remember there were plenty around, there must be at least one to fit their tastes.
      Not a Fool
  • Oh...

    ... so this is the way they got to half a million apps in the store!
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    "Not sure if your partner is telling the truth?"

    If you need an app to tell you this - you either need more common sense or to kill the relationship, or perhaps both . . .

    "Play with goo"

    Also available for PC and Mac. In fact, it was originally a PC game.

    "Pop bubble wrap"

    uhhh - what? Some people really are too bored, I guess.

    "This free, ironic app can be used to fill that awkward moment after a joke that bombed, or to try and cover a social faux pas."

    Even more awkward: Pulling out your phone just to make a sound.
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    (duplicate - ZDNet talkbacks still broken, sigh)