Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

Summary: With such a high number of developers implementing application software to send out their own programming ideas to the masses, it's not surprising some more unusual apps have appeared in the marketplace.


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  • Name: World of Goo

    Maker: 2D boy

    Compatibility: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

    A $4.99 awarding winning app, the 'World of Goo' game is beautifully crafted and strangely addictive. The aim of the game is to drag and drop balls of goo to build structures -- including bridges, cannonballs, and giant tongues (odd combination, I know). 

    This game is a physics-based construction game, packed with a number of levels. There is also a bonus mini-game called World of Goo Corporation, where the aim is to build the highest tower using goo balls which the player collected through the course of the main game. Players can compete in this game globally. 

    It's wrapped up nicely by PC Gamer:

     "Before long, you're actually building your way out of a creature's stomach. First you've got to make a raft on the sea of his digestive juices, obviously ... ingenious and heart-warming."

    Source:  App store

  • Name: iZen

    Maker: Random Ideas

    Compatibility: iPad

    A $5.99 app for the iPad, iZen can be used to de-stress and relax from a day's pressures. You can choose from hundreds of objects, plants and animals to create a 'Zen' garden. The app also includes a number of soundtracks to help a user relax or meditate. 

    Once you have finished creating a garden, it can be saved in a gallery, or shared over email. 


    Source: App store

  • Name: Bubble Snap

    Maker: Neil Daniels

    Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

    A great timewaster, this app is based on one simple thing -- the addictive notion of popping bubble wrap. A user can keep track of the amount of bubbles they 'pop' via touch, and fresh sheets appear once you've completed a screen's worth.

    Source: App store

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  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    The Muslims will not like this.
    • Feed them a fart app from 2009 then

      As I remember there were plenty around, there must be at least one to fit their tastes.
      Not a Fool
  • Oh...

    ... so this is the way they got to half a million apps in the store!
    Roque Mocan
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    "Not sure if your partner is telling the truth?"

    If you need an app to tell you this - you either need more common sense or to kill the relationship, or perhaps both . . .

    "Play with goo"

    Also available for PC and Mac. In fact, it was originally a PC game.

    "Pop bubble wrap"

    uhhh - what? Some people really are too bored, I guess.

    "This free, ironic app can be used to fill that awkward moment after a joke that bombed, or to try and cover a social faux pas."

    Even more awkward: Pulling out your phone just to make a sound.
  • RE: Strange ways to use your iPad and iPhone

    (duplicate - ZDNet talkbacks still broken, sigh)