Surprising uses for an iPad

Surprising uses for an iPad

Summary: Stand-up comedians to magic and surgery, the possibilities are endless.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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  • On 4/19/11 at San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall, pianist Lang Lang stepped out and played his first (out of three) encores through an iPad, choosing to tap away on glass instead of using his usual instrument and ivory keys. 

    His rendition of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee" at the concert gained him laughter and applause from the surprised audience. The pianist is known for encouraging young people to become interested in classical music, so how better than to appeal to their love of gadgets?

  • Mixing standard DJ equipment and an iPad, Rana Sobhany calls herself the 'world's first iPad DJ'. She uses a number of applications, including sets from IK Multimedia GrooveMaker.

    As she waited in line outside an Apple Store in New York to secure the iPad on its release date, inspiriation came to her -- why not experiment with an iPad DJ rig, instead of the usual turntables? 

    "I just started playing with some of the music apps that were available for the iPhone, specifically the IK Multimedia GrooveMaker apps,” she told Wired.

    "I got really inspired by the basic functionality of these apps and I started thinking about ways to incorporate iPad into a live performance. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was entirely possible to build a set around solely iPad music software and applications."

  • There are few that would deny the iPad is cutting edge technology, but for the technologically challenged, that phrase may have another meaning. If you give an iPad to one of your grandparents, it may be an idea to keep them out of the kitchen.

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Uh ... running a starship? ...

    Okay, to us [i]tech[/i] folks that's old news ...
  • As a toilet

    could be its most suitable use
    • Wow! When you guy's an gal's hate Apple,

      You really Hate Apple! Just get over yourselves already! If you don't like their products, then don't use them! It really is that simple....
      It's called choice!!!

      This guy really finds a great benefit of mobile tech, and all you can do is focus on your hatred of a device...

      And you really think your more informed than Joe Sixpack?? Really?
      Amazing, just amazing....
      I really do feel sorry for you...

  • I know it hurts to know when there is nothing that even comes close it.

    Adroid tablets bombed, Windows tablets are unimpressive, amazons kindle fire turned out to a be a mear puff of smoke. While other companies are fumbling with how to make a relevant product. Ipad is sold by the millions and it does not just entertain people. It actualy changes people's lives. It's a long road to change people's perception of computing because we have been using the keyboard amd mouse for nearly two decades. Ipad has only been out for 3 years, yet it's domainating everything.
  • $500 gimmick

    Who wants use an iPad like this. That's a waste
    Van Der
    • Apparently the guy in the video does

      Which would be obvious to anyone with half a brain, and less of a chip on their shoulder.
    • waste??

      He may be using it to make comedy that you don't like, but he joins countless others who suddenly have access to a voice. Prior to the iPad and some of the more robust communication apps that have been made available, one had to spend $7,000 dollars to get a communication device! Yes! Look up Dynavox, Vantage, etc.
  • Interesting.

    Interesting feature. Never thought iPad can be used in these ways. Even the inventors of the iPad must not have thought about it.

    - Sara
  • Surprising?

    Wait, what's surprising about the iPad being used as a toy and an entertainment device? Isn't that exactly what it was DESIGNED for?
    • Troll

      No, it is not what it is designed for.
      Nor is it being used as either a toy or an entertainment device here. Do you need that spelled out for you?
      • Sure, spell it out...

        In all of these clips, it's being used either to play back audio/video or for playing games. THIS IS WHAT IT WAS MADE FOR. I'll ask again, how are any of these uses surprising? OK, I'll give you that viewing video on it during surgery doesn't count as entertainment. But it's just playing back video - THE primary purpose of the iPad.

        But please, spell it out for me. What is surprising about the iPad being able to play audio and video and games?
      • A B C

        The issue is not that it is surprising, the issue is whether this use is as either a toy or an entertainment device. But nice job shifting the argument. Are you really that dense? The device in this context is NOT being used as either. It is being used as a TOOL to allow interaction between a handicapped man and society. The fact that he, himself, is an entertainer, and is using it to entertain an audience is neither here nor there. Just like a desktop being used by an aeronautical engineer to design an airplane does not make the computer capable of flight, so to use of the device to entertain an audience does not make this use "entertainment".
        Clear enough for you?
        Beyond that, you have said NOTHING to prove ANYTHING about your central claims regarding the purposes for which that the device was designed. In fact, the designer (Apple) is a far more reliable source of information in that regard than a disgruntled internet troll who spews forth years-old memes and tries to pass them off as if they were their own original ideas.
        In fact, the device is being used for any number of tasks that do not fit into your two pigeon holes, your willful ignorance of these uses notwithstanding. From its use in fortune 500 companies for inventory control to its use in creating and displaying presentations, its use by surgeons as an imaging device to its use by caregivers to interact with severely autistic children, from its use even as just a simple e-mail reader, the iPad is used everyday by thousands, if not millions of people for tasks that do not fit with in your ignorant forced classification.
        But even if that were not the case, the issue is not even what it is used for, but your claim as to what it was DESIGNED to be used for. Here, again, Apple was quite clear their intent.
      • @fawlty70

        I'd hardly classify [i]making[/i] music (e.g. the DJ) or being used as an instrument as simply playing back audio or video. Both of those better classify as content creation and/or performance than simply playing back recorded audio/video.
    • toy

      So, do you use your voice as only a toy?
  • Please!

    Are you serious people?

    THIS is a perfect use for the technology. Do you know how much a voice generator costs? No, me neither, but I bet its a lot, probably more than an iPad, and if not, I bet you couldn't even play angry birds on a 'Hawking" voice generator
  • wow

    more "news"