Take a peek through Google glasses (photos)

Take a peek through Google glasses (photos)

Summary: At Google I/O, the company gave a tease of its new glasses that is able to show directions, video chat, take pictures, and more.

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Topic: Google

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  • google glasses

    oogle lasses

    ogle asses

  • Nope.

    Yeah, the public aren't going to buy those at that price.
  • what if...

    ...you actually wear glasses?
    Looks cool on the pretty models but what about the rest of us?
    $1500 for the opportunity to walk into lampposts? Be even more obnoxiously unaware of your immediate surrounding than currently the case when taking voice calls with a Bluetooth hands-free headset?
    The sort of person to whom this might appeal is probably socially maladjusted and already unlikely to be getting out much - so what's the point?!
    • I already wear glasses! How's that gonna work?

      One pic, without a blonde.
  • Sorry but

    Posters here seem to be seriously lacking in imagination. These glasses (or something a lot like them) are going to allow for some seriously cool applications. The things they will be able to do with the right programming will make the price tag well worth it.
  • I can hardly wait....

    ....until they're available, and some mentally-deficient fools use them while driving. It's gonna happen. Isn't it???
  • What a flop

    I was expecting to see WAAAY more than just the output from a head mounted camera. Even something slightly creative would have been minimal. It wasn't even that.

    Basically that skydive stunt was all smoke and mirrors with the only message being how cool live video can be. Its hardly a new idea.

    Where's the personal HUD overlay showing augmented vision, navigation instructions, context-specific info, etc?
  • Need another design

    If you look at the people around you on the streets you will see that at least 50% or more are wearing some sort of glasses. Either eye glasses for vision problems or sun glasses. Tell me how people will be able to wear those glasses as well as the Google glasses? It does not look like they would be compatible. That said I think Google needs to build actual glasses or at least make sure they will work with other glasses people use.
  • filters

    Hope Google Glasses work better than message filters here --- what is up with profanity warnings? While the English language is quite complex, I am 110% sure I was not posting any thing close to a profanity when this silly warning appeared.