Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

Summary: If you travel in this day and age, chances are you need to make adjustments to bring your technology with you.


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  • The Fenix E05 R2 LED Flashlight provides a high intensity beam of light that reaches up to 80 feet away. It is water resistant, small enough to fit on a keychain and powered by a single AAA battery.


  • If you're going to be out in the hot sun, you should protect yourself from the UV rays. Do what I did and get a Tilley LTM5 AIRFLO Nylamtium Hat. It's hand washable, comfortable, and has a lifetime guarantee from Tilley. They'll even replace it for half price if you lose it. Just make sure you get it one size larger than your normal headgear; Tilley hats are meant to be worn slightly loose.

  • The Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger provides internal power storage capacity of 1650mAh, capable of recharging your smartphone or iPod no matter where you are. It has 7 different adapter tips for various devices.


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  • RE: Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

    Someone should make an outlet that can use every single one of those prongs on that All-in-One adapter. Unecessary? Yes. But so are the greatest things in life.

    Besides, just the lulz from showing it off would be worth it.
  • RE: Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

    The Leatherman tool is TSA-compliant - ie, it has no knife.

    But, will it stop the TSA nazis from taking it (read: it's too cool not to take)?
    • RE: Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

      @gwd3@... This is why you would want a TSA-compliant one. That way you can take it with you through security, instead of the luggage check where baggage handlers go through your bags to find things to steal.

      If you're really concerned, don't take a multitool with you and ship it to your destination to meet you when you get there. Then do the same on the return leg of your journey.
      Scott Raymond
  • RE: Tech Gear for the intrepid summer traveler (photos)

    Thanks, Great Ideas. I am following up by purchasing some of the items you recommend.