Teen talk: Should HP have even bothered with the Veer?

Teen talk: Should HP have even bothered with the Veer?

Summary: HP's first smartphone after acquiring Palm is the HP Veer and there don't appear to be many who like the Zoolander-sized phone. It's similar to the previous Palm Pre devices, just smaller and less powerful. My 15-year old daughter took it for a spin for a week since I thought someone with smaller hands and less mobile needs might find it enjoyable.


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  • There is a 5 megapixel camera and speaker on the back of the HP Veer, along with HP and AT&T labeling.

  • Even with the keyboard extended, the HP Veer is a small device.

  • HP Veer next to Dell Venue Pro with both keyboards revealed. The Veer is much smaller than the Dell, as you can see.

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