Ten rules to keep tech support sane

Ten rules to keep tech support sane

Summary: Help desk work requires far more than just knowing how to sort out a user's computer problems.

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  • Help desk work requires far more than just knowing how to sort out a user's computer problems. If you think you have what it takes to succeed as a remote support specialist, see how you stack up against the 10 tenets that I list here. They are designed to help you understand exactly what it takes to enjoy a long career in this field.

    If you've done any remote support, you'll know that users can really tax your patience. I have actually had users seize control of the mouse from me while I am trying to solve their problem - just so they could compose an email.

    Many users seem to think their problem is the only one you have to deal with and prevent you from working efficiently. Some of them struggle with the terminology needed to communicate their problem to you. It is essential to have patience in reserve when dealing with these types of people. Not only will your patience help them, it will keep your blood pressure down.

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    For more read 10 tenets that will help remote support techs succeed (and stay sane) by TechRepublic's Jack Wallen. This gallery was republished from ZDNet UK.

  • I have experienced users crying on the phone because of an IT problem. In these instances, your compassion is essential. You must remember that in some cases their problems are preventing them from completing an important task or doing business. When users have a lot at stake, their stress levels can be high and they're bound to be tetchy. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would deal with it. Try to be understanding so your users feel you are on their side and doing everything to make the problem go away.

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Topics: CXO, Hardware

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  • RE: Ten rules to keep tech support sane

    i am not a tech support person but i do call for tech support. thanks for helping me understand what may be going on at the other end of the line when i call support. i have had a few frustrating calls for help but far and away most of guys are angels .