The 20 best back-to-school laptops

The 20 best back-to-school laptops

Summary: Schools starts in just a few weeks so you can't put off buying that laptop much longer. Here are 20 of the best available right now.


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  • Asus Eee PC 1215B

    Rating 7.7. Price $449 Asus updates the Eee PC line with AMD's excellent ultraportable CPU, making for a powerful, portable package, but the field is getting crowded in this category. Read reviews.

  • Acer Aspire One 722-BZ608

    Rating 8.1. Price $397 The Acer Aspire One 722-BZ608 is a budget-priced 11-inch laptop that's more powerful than a Netbook, but not as fast as some higher-priced 11-inch alternatives. Better options are out there for a little more money. Read reviews.

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  • YUK

    Sorry but I hate ZDNets photo galleries. They always load slow on my computer (probably because the advertisements load slow). There are many sites that do photo galleries so much better, I have no clue why you keep using the old clunker methods (does it have to do with advertising $$?)

    Also, as an example for this photo gallery, if I am interesting in finding info about a laptop in a particular price range, just how do I ?easily? find that price range in your gallery? If I am interested in a laptop with certain capabilities (CPU or GPU or ram or HDD size or etc. . .), how do I find ?easily? that using your photo gallery?

    What were you thinking when you formatted the article in this manner?

    • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

      @John238 .. Its done so they get more clicks, hence more money with advertisements. But apart from that the list is quite nice. All the worth mentioning laptops have been listed.<br><br><a href=>Custom software development</a>
    • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

      @John238 i agree, i didn't bother going beyond the second photo - what a useless article.
  • So.. basically buy a Mac

    Mac gets 93+, nothing else above around 80. Why bother with all the other ones? Just get a Mac.
    A Gray
    • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

      or why bother even posting other models, just post all of Macs...btw I have found on other sites when they compare any model with Macs, the cons in other models are not removable batteries but for mac its not which too has a non-remoable battery, I smell bias ?!...
    • Basically buy a kid a tool they want to use... So Yeah... A Mac.

      @A Gray

      You tend to want to work more if you have a tool you enjoy... So when it comes to kids... Get them a tool they will want to use... And that is a Mac.
      • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops


        Just as my girlfriend and her sister had and they couldn't do what was needed as the compatibility and so on just takes it in the you know what on a Mac. I had to get them set up with Windows and Office in order for them to get their work done. Buy a Mac then buy Windows and Office right? Wrong. Apple Crashntoss.
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    Sorry... but I have to agree with the previous comments.<br>I was thinking the same when I suddenly came across YUK's comments. Yes what a pain this is... But in the long term, I tend to avoid those so slow galleries.<br><br>Anyways the answer is really the advertizing $...<br>There are no other reasons for formatting articles in such a painful reading way. Too many, even msn, still do it this way.<br><br>If it weren't for $, we would have a much more efficient photo gallery.<br><br>Hopefully, one day...
    • RE: much more efficient photo gallery

      @Swissjohn <br><br>I suggest that you become acquainted with Firefox, and an extension called 'AdBlockerPlus'., and its companion 'Element Hider'. Say good bye slow loading pages, once you learn to set up "filter rules".
  • Now lets get realistic!

    Yes these are great computers but, not for the typical cash strapped student. I work in a retail store and students want notebooks in the 300-600 dollar range. Which there are plenty to choose from. Of course that excludes the over priced Apples!
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    80% of all college students are getting Mac laptops. So much for cheap.
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    <i>The $1,649 Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A certainly won't be for every wallet, but this light, well-featured, and striking 13-incher is the closest the Windows world will ever come to a MacBook Air. </i><br><br>Say what? Think it should read <i>...closest the Windows world currently comes to a MacBook Air. </i><br><br>By the way,yes, dump theold style gallery effect... Overly dull <img border="0" src="" alt="sad">
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    I know they aren't 'laptops' per se, but how could your article ignore the real value of the iPad2 / other tablet PC as an alternative -- as a true 'school PC', most students will spend more time reading and less time typing, and a tablet with a touch-stylus could reinvent the lost art of handwriting, that is sorely missing from Generation Y!<br>also, tablets are far more economical than a laptop, but still have the coolness factor; plus, being a fraction of the weight means your kids won't end up with osteotherapy bills years later.
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    I see your gallery as a quick and easy list of manufacturer names, models and price point. I dont see this article as an indepth analysis of cost versus functionality. I also didnt particularly like the comments YUK made for lots of reasons, hence my response. Thanks for the "back to school list"
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    The sheer beauty and desirability of the laptop lineup makes for a great invitation for thieves. I purchased a simple refurbished Latitude with power to the max and plenty of power for $200 and Windows 7. Works fine, and I don't worry too much about losing the computer. But if I had a $1,500 laptop--it's all I would be thinking about all day long, "Where's my laptop?"
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    Ridiculously overpriced machines. There are pretty heavy duty laptops for $500-$600, and more student appropriate machines for ~$300.

    Is ZDNet just trying to advertise overpriced junk for the benefit of the manufacturers? Get real.

    And no, no student NEEDS a reassuringly expensive fruity-themed gadget for school - that is nothing more than a "look what I've got" device, which if that is what is important to you, go ahead and blow your wad.
  • Hate to beat a dead horse but again... tablet pc's

    Tablet PC's are still a good choice.
    A tablet PC with a pen and MS OneNote is an excellent tool for note-taking.
    Also PC + pen is great for sketching and art -- when used with a program such as Illustrator or (Corel) Paint, since many of these tablet pc's offer pressure based pen input.

    None of those laptops listed above offer that kind of functionality.

    Of course if you're thinking about using a tablet PC without a pen, and only using finger touch... all bets are off... But still, the pen option offers great versatility.
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    Some of your comments make me sick. The photo galleries here load just fine on my PC. I suppose YUC has a rotten apple too. This FREE publication requires advertising to be able to supply some people with something to bitch about. This gallery is to give people some idea of what's available out there, not to mention someones hard work. If you don't like this publication then go watch TV.
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    Written obviously by one who children has not had!
  • RE: The 20 best back-to-school laptops

    There is no way that the Federation would use an iPad...the closed architecture would prevent it from being able to be used by Alien races!