The Biggest of the Big: Today's Top 500 Supercomputers

The Biggest of the Big: Today's Top 500 Supercomputers

Summary: releases a semi-annual list of the fastest 500 supercomputers in the world. This gallery covers several of the best of the best.


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  • The second-most powerful German supercomputer, JUROPA, is also owned and operated by Forschungszentrum Juelich but is a Sun Constellation system containing 26,304 cores and doing only 274.80 teraflops.

    Photo courtesy Forschungszentrum Juelich.
  • HECToR, the most powerful British supercomputer, is a Cray XT6m 12-core processor system, but only contains 43,660 cores. It measured at 274.70 teraflops. HECToR, which stands for "High-End Computing Terascale Resource", is housed at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

    Photo Courtesy the University of Edinburgh.
  • Another Sandia National Laboratories supercomputer, Red Storm is a Cray XT3/XT4 device with 38,208 cores and measuring at 204.20 teraflops.

    Photo courtesy Randy Montoya, Sandia National Laboratories.

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