The Chromebook at work (gallery)

The Chromebook at work (gallery)

Summary: Google wants you to buy a Chromebook. Should you consider one?

TOPICS: Mobility, Google

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  • Google is pushing the Chromebook and manufacturers has responded by reducing prices in order to compete with Apple's iPad. Should you let the new price tempt you into getting one? Check out the review.

    Above: Chromebook-closed: A Chromebook, in this case, the Samsung Series 5, is a small, light laptop.

  • Chromebook-open: Open, the Samsung Chromebook has a surprising large keyboard. It also has a
    nice screen, for the device's overall size, and a built-in Webcam.

  • Chromebook: After turning it on, a process that takes about ten-seconds once it knows which Wi-Fi
    AP you expect it to use, it will bring you to your default Web home page. In my case, that's iGoogle,
    but it can be anything you want. The thing to keep in mind is that the Chromebook is 99% Web-based.
    The default interface is the Chrome Web browser.

Topics: Mobility, Google

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