The Chromebook at work (gallery)

The Chromebook at work (gallery)

Summary: Google wants you to buy a Chromebook. Should you consider one?

TOPICS: Mobility, Google

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  • ChromeDoc: The bad news is that you can't do everything you'd want with local files. For example,
    if you try to open a Word document file from the file manager, instead of launching it in Google Docs,
    you get a message telling you to upload it to Google Docs. That's not terribly helpful.

  • ChromeGraphics: Google is slowly fixing this though. For example, ChromeOS will both display
    a PNG graphics file and give you a choice of opening it with the Google's online photo editing and
    managing program Picasa. Now, if only ChromeOS would do that with all commonly used file types.

Topics: Mobility, Google

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