The many funny faces of Steve Ballmer (photos)

The many funny faces of Steve Ballmer (photos)

Summary: In Steve Ballmer's 13 years as CEO of Microsoft, we've seen that he's not afraid to attract attention - and he's not afraid to clown around.


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  • Buy this or else

    On June 17 2012 Ballmer said that he was taking Microsoft on a new quest, this time as a maker of tablets. Tablets have long been a fixation to Microsoft with Bill Gates showing one off and touting their future as early as 2000 at Comdex. Despite a slow start Microsoft is banking on Surface's signature keyboard, Windows 8 and upgraded hardware to make it competitive with iPads and Android tablets.

  • Steve has kept Microsoft's cash cow, Microsoft Office, on solid ground despite recent competition from Google. Here he is introducing Office 2013 The company also launched Office 365 under his leadership.

  • In Nov. 2012 Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer left the door open on the potential for Microsoft to make more hardware, possibly a smartphone.


Topics: Steve Ballmer: The Exit Interview, Microsoft

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    Ron Burgundy
    • Message has been deleted.

      Hallowed are the Ori
      • Doubt it

        Never heard of Ron before, be we all know who your monkey boy is.
  • How many faces

    . . . can one man have.
  • Gallery: The many faces of Steve Ballmer

    What was the point of this gallery? He's a CEO, he's proud of his company, he's serious about business, and he's a leader. He knows how to get the crowd motivated. So the best ZDNet can come up with is just showing some pictures of him? Really?
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: Gallery: The many faces of Steve Ballmer

      You did get the point of the gallery. "He's a CEO, he's proud of his company..." As for "just pictures," there are many links included. Just another way to present content. - Andy
    • Yup, really

      They just want to make fun of him, I suppose. Someone at ZDNet needs to get his diaper changed it seems
    • He's teaching you the moves, Lovie Dovie

      Just so you can be a bigger idiot than he is.
  • Spooky

    Uncle Fester, you are one scary dude.
    • I did not see Uncle Fester

      I saw Gru from "Despicable Me" The body language is unmistakeable. I must ponder whether Stevie Ballmer was the animation team's inspiration...
  • Many faces?

    After looking at the many photographs of Steve Ballmer, I am forced to conclude that he has only one face.
    Xenia Onatopp
  • Hypontize.... with Vista...

    He surely needed a gimmick, 'cause when investors got a hold on Vista, the only thing they wanted on their table was Ballmer's resignation.
  • Photo 5

    Hmm. . . Brainz! Must have brainz!
  • Ballmer is a great man

    Ballmer, Bill and Microsoft was key to the success of Personal Computing.

    Kudos to this great man.
    • make sure you have a picture of your monkey boy on your wall

      That way you can practice all the moves.
    • microsoft troll rides again....

      ...and he hallucinate about the success of personal computing.

      actually it's quite the opposite.

      if ms didn't exist, much more people would actually know how to use computers.
  • They never recovered from that dance he did

    Developer! Developers!

    It was uncomfortable.

    Here's hoping the new big boss can get some respect back. Customers need some real competition again.
    • I loved that dance!

      I think most people I know did. I love that Ballmer wasn't a stuffed shirt.
  • hmm

    Is that Peter Boyle up on that stage? =D

    Balmer was not a bad guy, he just should not have been made the head of what was then the World's Most Profitable Software Company.
  • you get these clown antics whenever a sales guy runs a company, all hype

    just goes to show you brains are the last thing you need to acquire $11 billion dollars