The Top-10 tech demo flops

The Top-10 tech demo flops

Summary: Anyone can fail, but to really fail big time there's nothing quite like a major technology conference, a big product release, and a live audience of tens of thousands.


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Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • And the real prize goes

    To Linux, which never has problems, fixes it's faults for you, creates memory when you are out and will increase cycles in the CPU when performance is degrading.

    SVJN: you are supposed to be a Linux blogger, you sure seemed to be a anything but Linux sucks blogger. Now what does the world do with sour grapes, oh ya... throw them out.
    • Yes!

      Linux is so wonderful and fantastic that in just a little over 10 years it has gained more than 1 whole percent of the market!!! Who's the daddy NOW, huh? Huh?
    • Well in his defense

      Linux doesn't really do tech demos because that costs money and many die hard Open Source advocates are against anything that costs money.

      Besides everyone knows he just posted this so he could try and insult Microsoft and Apple to fuel his own personal ego.
  • It must be circle the wagons around

    Microsoft day. Or perhaps Tu Quoque fallacy day.
  • What have I just watched?

    Seriously ZDNet, if I wanted this, I would visit 4chan.
  • sdafsd
  • sdagdsg
  • How desparate has ZD Net become?

    Well, this was a Steve the Linux zealot story, so we shouldn't be surprised that this once proud web site has now done two stories in less than a week over a 15 second segment of a 60 minute product announcement. ZD Net seems to be filled these days with angry rants, mock "debates", and uninformed, unadultered guessing about announced and unannounced products. (Exception: Ed Bott.)
    • Re:

      Agreed, except for that last part. Ed Bot typically comes off as rude and arrogant in the majority of his responses to honest questions in the comments threads/section.