The Twitter guide to job hunting

The Twitter guide to job hunting

Summary: How can the social networking site Twitter be used to further your job search?


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  • Lists, which can be found on your profile page, can be a useful feature to both supplement your Twitter following and also to find the most relevant users to follow in your field. In the same manner, if your Tweeted content is relevant and insightful, eventually you will be added to specific lists by other users to find.

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  • Twitter is full of job postings, aggregated lists and industry-specific opportunities. As a tool to find a new job, Twitter takes away the pain of registering on multiple job agency websites, and cuts the time required to scan through postings for something that looks suitable.

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  • Hashtags (#) are used to connect themed and specific content. By using Twitter's search tool, you can see individual updates relating to this query -- one I use often is educational technology, otherwise known as #edtech.

    For general searches, you can use #jobs, #jobsearch and #jobadvice. Others worth noting include #employment, #dreamjob and #careers.

    It is also possible to narrow your search via industry, including #GlobalEd, #STEM, #business, #computing and #travel.

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