ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad Tablet

Summary: This tablet gets Android ready for the boardroom with typical ThinkPad construction and enterprise software preinstalled.


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  • This keyboard is a joy to type on.

  • As if the Android Market and Amazon Appstore weren't enough, Lenovo has included its Lenovo App Shop. According to the company only apps that work well on the tablet are included in the store.

  • Tapping the settings icon in the lower right opens a settings screen that gives easy access to common settings.

Topics: Hardware, Laptops, Mobility, Tablets

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  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    F. T. W.
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    I can see where it will give rise to a positive reaction in ???Geekworld???
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    Apple is probably filing a lawsuit in 5, 4, 3...
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

      @idenchasy because of what now ?!
    • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

      @idenchasy Why, because it's better than the iPad?
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    Looks nice. Now all we need is a robust, full featured, no compromises Office app for Android.
  • Wait this thing is rectangle

    Apple has patented all rectangles. If you place this next to an IPad, you can clearly see that they are both rectangles. Apple will squash this, along with Etch-a-Sketch and Seseme Street programs that use the shape "Rectangle" or the letter "i".
    A Gray
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    Looks good but it has to be priced right to compete with the iPad.
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    I would SO rather have one of these than the overhyped iPad!
  • RE: ThinkPad Tablet

    Looks great, but why does the keyboard case plug into the only USB port? Seems like they should have had the keyboard/case plug into the proprietary dock port or something.
  • Keyboard case plus into only USB port?

    I'm thinking "wifi" for the keyboard. Surely this tablet comes with wifi or bluetooth.