ThinkPad X220 review

ThinkPad X220 review

Summary: Lenovo ThinkPad X220 with slice battery option


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Topics: Laptops, Hardware, Lenovo, Mobility

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  • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    You need to get a better camera, or have someone else take pictures for this. They might notice all of the crumbs on the keyboard as well.
  • Another Ugly Thinkpad

    Would someone please tell them to hire an asthetics design group!
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      Sorry, but it seems to me you never had one.
      The only thing what sucks now is the wide screen with way to small vertical resolution - you have to scroll all the time.
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      @byanta i agree they are very function but damn ugly!!!
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      @byanta You got that right! This thing looks obsolete.
      Jacqueline J Spratley
  • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    Its very square. Everything Lenovo (and IBM) makes has all 90 degree edges. Elegance must cost too much.
  • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    The pictures have a shallow depth of field, which is cured by closing the aperture, try out F13 - f22, or a point and shoot with a very small sensor... I have three thhinkpads and love to upgrade to this one.
  • Looks thickbook like still

    Sorry but even without the Slice battery the thing looks bulky and outdated. With the Slice battery its even worse. I give my wife crap about her school laptop they loaned her. It was a Thickbook as I called it not a ThinkPad. They are not pads they are Books! This appears no different.
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      I have a Lenovo x201 tablet, which I use to write all of my business meeting notes, record audio, video conf, use Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and anything else imaginable. All in a slim package. Looks outdated? So what, it works, every time.
  • Camera tips

    Your white balance is wwayyy off. I believe that the background was meant to be white, not pink...

    As for the Brick - nice keyboard, but man, is it ugly. Why is it only Apple that can put aircraft aluminum on it's products. I HATE square-edged, hard plastic cases...
  • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    Why bother? Get a Mac.....
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      @scripscan but I like when my computer freezes and crashes all the time!
  • WHAT?

    ugliest thing I have seen. When was this made? 1991? looks like a P.O.S
  • Geared toward business

    This device is geared toward enterprise users, not users who are watching movies and want pretty colors. If you are worried about these things, you are probably not going to pay the premium these devices charge anyway. Then again if you are buying a Mac, you are paying the huge premium for something that doesn't work in the enterprise anyway.
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      @riveroad Right, Mac's not working in the Enterprise. Uh huh...ok, right....
    • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

      @riveroad Sorry, but almost everyone in our 'enterprise' is on a Mac. Your view is approximately 7-10 years out of date..
      • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

        @ereaderfan your 'enterprise' is pretty atypical then. iTunes, iPhoto, and Garage Band aren't typical use cases.<br><br>Fair to say that OSX has gotten much better in the last couple of years but directory services integration, network print integration, secure SMB, inability to be managed by enterprise software deployment and configuration management tools are but a few reasons why these haven't worked well in the near past. Latest gen remote management (e.g. vPro) tools are nowhere to be found on Macs either. I know, I know, nobody really needs those.
  • RE: ThinkPad X220 review

    This is definitely a Mans laptop. Looks great. Nuff said.
  • looks awesome

    Don`t care what anyone says it looks cool! Also Thinkpads don`t have the cool factor, also most people now days all they want is something made by Apple, Hp, Compaq, and Acer.
    Don`t see too many people with a Thinkpad under 18 yrs.