Three tech toys useful for personal, work trips (review)

Three tech toys useful for personal, work trips (review)

Summary: There were a bounty of new products on display at CES 2012 for all sorts of purposes. Here are a quartet of goodies from a trio of makers that I tried out while visiting the show and could prove useful on any trip.

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  • I've tried out Jays headphones many times before, and the a-Jays One+ headset didn't prove to too exceptional for the Swedish company. That's not a bad thing really as typically Jays headsets offer high-quality sound for earbuds.

    The unique feature about this pair of headphones is that it offers support for not only Apple products (which usually the case with other Jays audio products), but also Android and BlackBerry phones with a single remote key on the right ear strand of the headset.

    These headphones are available and listed for $59.99, but you can typically find them for cheaper than that.

  • Moving on to the iPhone-focused pair of this pair of new Jays headsets, the t-Jays Four sports a three-button remote with all of the same operations that Apple's standard iPhone earbuds perform.

    For the most part, these buttons work seamlessly. However, after a few weeks of use, there were several occasions where the buttons were unresponsive. Sometimes the controls would come back after simply removing and putting the headphone jack back in, but other times I had to restart the phone. I can't determine whether or not this was the iPhone's fault or the headset, but it really could have been either or a combination of the two.

    Also supported by the iPad and iPod, the t-Jays also include a "dividable" cable, in which one has the option of lengthening the cable with an included extention -- which is almost necessary for anyone. However, for someone who is quite short, the headphone cables then became much too long and easy to catch on to things once extended.

    These earbuds retail for a little more at $69.99 but can also be found for a cheaper price.

Topic: Networking

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