Tomorrow's technology on display at IDF

Tomorrow's technology on display at IDF

Summary: Intel and its partners showed off laptops, tablets and other gadgets based on the chipmaker's technology at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco


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  • Chipmaker Intel and its partners showed off a range of new technology at the Intel Developer Forum. ZDNet UK's Rupert Goodwins reports from San Francisco.

    IDF keynote presentations normally end with the press invited up to photograph the demo kit, but ZDNet UK has never seen a scrum as insanely dangerous as this. Possessed by one impulse — to photograph the Dell Inspiron Duo flippy-twisty netbook-tablet — the pack surged forwards with such ferocity that they temporarily managed to invade the back of the stage, an area normally guarded by Intel's most massively muscled employees.

    Photo credit: Rupert Goodwins

  • Here, one netbook is running some simple image-recognition software to educate young children. The computer asks the kid to slide the right combination of coins into the field of view of the webcam to add up to a sum the computer sets.

    Researchers have also built an authoring system for teachers to create their own tests. They said that while it can take hundreds or thousands of hours to make one hour of a normal multimedia interactive teaching aid, this takes just one hour to build an hour of output.

    The company is now collaborating with other companies to bring this to market, but components will be available as open source, directly from Intel.

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