Top 10 digital SLR cameras of 2010

Top 10 digital SLR cameras of 2010

Summary: Check out our list of the top 10 digital SLR cameras on the market (as of June 11, 2010).

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  • A step up in the entry-level category in terms of both price and features, the Nikon D5000 was among the first dSLRs to deliver HD video recording for under $900 when it first came out just over a year ago. Since then, the price has come down enough to make the D5000 a great value for the money (with a list price of about $750 with an 18-55mm lens).You'd be hard pressed to get a better combination of feature set, performance, and image quality (especially in low light) for the money.

  • If your dSLR budget tops out at a grand, you won't go wrong snapping up the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. It borrows some heavy-hitting features from its big-brother, the Canon EOS 7D (also on this list) such as the ability to shoot 1080p video at 30 fps, as well as at 24 fps and 25 fps. Like the 7D, the T2i gives you full autofocus as well as full manual controls while shooting video, and it uses the same 63-zone metering system as the higher-end camera. In fact, you won't find a more full-featured or higher specified camera for the price on the market today.

  • Though rumors are swirling that a successor to the Nikon D90 may be announced as early as July, as of this writing, the D90 is still the king of the midrange dSLRs. With a list price of $900 (body-only), geared toward photo enthusiasts looking for more flexibility and better performance than entry-level dSLRs or even pros looking for a lighter-weight secondary camera. The D90 is hard to beat at this price point, in terms of photographic ability (both image quality and performance) and its video capability is just icing on the cake.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • RE: Top 10 digital SLR cameras of 2010

    Please, Please make a DSLR body which will work with the older AI lenses and couple automatically for match-needle exposure readings.
  • RE: Top 10 digital SLR cameras of 2010

    I have the same issue with my Minolta Maxxum lenses from my 35mm camera. I understand the Sony Alphas will work with these lenses. Anyone out there who has experience with them? Should I do it, and is there any great reason to go to one of the more glorius mdels or is the A-230 OK for mostly casual photography?