Top 10 favorite iPad games

Top 10 favorite iPad games

Summary: These are currently my top 10 favorite games for the iPad 2! Whether you're a serious gamer or a novice, there should be something for everyone amongst these 10 games.


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  • Another puzzle game, Collision Effect looks beautiful. You have to figure out how to make orbs of the same color touch without touching orbs of another color. The game gets tricky pretty quickly, but it's a winner, for sure -- especially at only $0.99.

    Cost: $0.99 // App Store Link: Collision Effect

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  • Draw Race 2 is such a unique game. You basically begin the race by drawing the path you would like your car to take. After you do 2 quick laps around the track with your finger, then the race actually starts and your car follows the path of your finger. It's quite a clever concept, though frustrating at times. You really can't just fly through every track, but that's okay! It gets you away from the typical concept of racing games.

    Cost: $2.99 // App Store Link: Draw Race 2 HD

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  • MultiBong is like Pong on steroids. With various levels, power-ups, power-downs, and the ability to do single player or multiplayer (up to 4), if you were a fan of Pong or you just like playing games where you have to keep the ball from getting past you, I have no doubt you will absolutely love this game!

    Cost: $0.99 // App Store Link: MultiBong

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  • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

    Flick Golf Extreme HD for iPad is $3.99 not $0.99.
  • Back to the 8 bit era

    These games cannot compare to pc games unless you are a fan of the old 8 bit games
    • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

      @ian_thai Dude, did you not see the screenshots? Show me any 8-bit game with those kinds of graphics and then you might have a point.
      • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

        @justthisguyyouknow Too bad even the NES has better controls than an iPad, and the NES's controls were atrocious.
  • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

    Try Multiponk for $2.99!
  • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

    How long ago did you write this article - Pinball HD $1.99.
  • RE: Top 10 favorite iPad games

    Very useful. check out AIRMAN for ipad....a cool AR flight simulation game.
  • IOS Games

    whats up with Rock&Boulder?? I love it... its so fun :(
    Angela Vives