Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

Summary: These apps are the most-used apps on my iPad. They include writer's tools, research tools, and even remote access utilities. There is a bonus sneak peek at an app not yet available.

TOPICS: Telcos, CXO, iPad, Mobility

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  • I am a Twitter addict and the newly released Tweetbot for the iPad is my favorite client. The clean interface uses swipe gestures to facilitate working with tweets and following a lot of timeline updates. I love this app.

    $2.99 in the App Store

    Get full mobile tech coverage with James Kendrick on ZDNet Mobile Tech News.

  • Zite scours the web and builds a lovely news magazine consisting of the topics that interest me. It is customizable to present most any topic, and learns over time what news the user most wants to see. I run Zite several times a day to keep up with news, without fail.

    Free in the App Store

Topics: Telcos, CXO, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    The free version of Onlive is not available for download in the Philippines.
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    Flipbook has been skipping random Facebook and Twitter posts. Odd indeed.
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    Download not available in Malaysia?
  • Who's the app developer for Panes?

    Tried a search for some info on this new Panes app on the "interwebs" and couldn't find anything, looks like a great app though.
    • Who's the app developer for Panes? Inglorious Apps!

      @mbonasso Panes is a port of Glimpse for the HP Touchpad by Inglorious Apps. You can read a review of Glimpse here:
  • not in Canada

    onlive desktop not available in Canada
  • Panes looks to bring some Android/WM/WP like functionality to iOS

    I don't want to start a silly war here, but such facilities are one of the key differences between iOS and other portable OSs. Widget/gadget/live icons/tiles of various sizes are a feature of Android and WM/WP.<br><br>However, it also opens up the possibility that the OS gets heavily used as Panes may end up doing a lot of work, which may well lead to GUI jumpiness. There is a reason Apple chose not to allow it directly, besides wanting a simple paradigm for users.<br><br>I dare say that most users of Panes would probably understand if things got a bit shaky if they load it up too much, as it is more likely a tool for power users, who would understand that the iPad is not a PC (of any OS persuasion).
  • Weather Live is also providing a widget space

    Interesting phenomena. Perhaps it is multiple platform developers who are seeing ways to Androidise iOS.

    One day someone may just make a single app that takes over the whole display all the time and provides a counter-culture widget ecosystem for other developers to plug into!

    Sort of like Parallels for iOS!
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    I really like the look of the onLive Desktop, but sadly its not available in Australia.