Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

Summary: These apps are the most-used apps on my iPad. They include writer's tools, research tools, and even remote access utilities. There is a bonus sneak peek at an app not yet available.

TOPICS: Telcos, CXO, iPad, Mobility

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  • I love to listen to music on the iPad, and TuneIn Radio is my favorite way to do that. The app streams radio in real-time from stations all over the world, and has good search capability to find just the right station to match your mood. Stations can be saved to the favorite presets to make returning to them as easy as tapping the screen. TuneIn also shows the scheduled programming for each station, with reminders for shows you don't want to miss. The sleep timer and alarm let you fall asleep and wake up to any station you wish. You can record the streaming audio within the app. TuneIn Radio Pro works in the background, so you can listen to the radio while doing other things.

    $0.99 in the App Store

  • Panes brings multi-tasking and widgets to the iPad. The app displays up to three columns (panes), each containing one or two widgets. The widgets are rich and varied, from a full Twitter client to a web browser. Using Panes you can follow Twitter and Facebook side-by-side with yet another widget alongside them both. The widgets include an RSS reader, Google Reader, calculator, and calendar app just to name a few. The Panes can be closed as desired with a simple swipe, allowing any one or two apps to take the full screen.

    Those familiar with the app Glimpse for the HP TouchPad will recognize Panes, as it is a direct port to the iPad, bringing widgets and multiple windows to iOS. 

    Panes is in beta and not yet available, but should be in the App Store soon. It is a very useful app and already one of the apps I use the most on my iPad.

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Topics: Telcos, CXO, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    The free version of Onlive is not available for download in the Philippines.
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    Flipbook has been skipping random Facebook and Twitter posts. Odd indeed.
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    Download not available in Malaysia?
  • Who's the app developer for Panes?

    Tried a search for some info on this new Panes app on the "interwebs" and couldn't find anything, looks like a great app though.
    • Who's the app developer for Panes? Inglorious Apps!

      @mbonasso Panes is a port of Glimpse for the HP Touchpad by Inglorious Apps. You can read a review of Glimpse here:
  • not in Canada

    onlive desktop not available in Canada
  • Panes looks to bring some Android/WM/WP like functionality to iOS

    I don't want to start a silly war here, but such facilities are one of the key differences between iOS and other portable OSs. Widget/gadget/live icons/tiles of various sizes are a feature of Android and WM/WP.<br><br>However, it also opens up the possibility that the OS gets heavily used as Panes may end up doing a lot of work, which may well lead to GUI jumpiness. There is a reason Apple chose not to allow it directly, besides wanting a simple paradigm for users.<br><br>I dare say that most users of Panes would probably understand if things got a bit shaky if they load it up too much, as it is more likely a tool for power users, who would understand that the iPad is not a PC (of any OS persuasion).
  • Weather Live is also providing a widget space

    Interesting phenomena. Perhaps it is multiple platform developers who are seeing ways to Androidise iOS.

    One day someone may just make a single app that takes over the whole display all the time and provides a counter-culture widget ecosystem for other developers to plug into!

    Sort of like Parallels for iOS!
  • RE: Top 10 iPad apps (plus a sneak preview of a cool app)

    I really like the look of the onLive Desktop, but sadly its not available in Australia.