Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

Summary: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011


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  • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

    Barnes and Noble's Nook Color
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

  • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

    I'm holding out, because I'm banking on the idea that, by the time I'm in the market for one of these things, there will be a genuinely good android tablet for sale.

    And it WONT be a B&N Nook Color. Seriously; what is wrong with you people?
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    Please proof read your captions before posting. Pic 1 is not an iPad. Pic 2 is not the Xoom.
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

      @mgschulte Fixed, thanks.
  • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

    Where's the price point on these things with the new competitive landscape?
    help please

    Post prices and tech data with the pictures or else it means nothing. My suggestion, as one who watched hand calculators come on the market, is wait. And then wait some more. Hand calculators from TI and others cost hundreds of dollars in the beginning. Now a similar hand calculator can be got for 20-40.<br><br>Also, if you get one, skip the cell phone contract and get wi-fi. The last thing I want is a contract with the cell phone bandits. I refuse to be a willing victim to cell contracts.
  • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

    The iPad competition sure is a full employment contract for the nation's tech bloggers.

    But seriously, absent a few thousand geeks who want open OS and a few thousand more with a pathologic hatred of anything Apple, do you seriously believe there is anything like iPad lust for any of these devices? Given a market of what, 17 million iPads, does anyone think serious app programmers will divert much time to developing apps for these new platforms?

    UN-likely. If you haven't visited the Manhattan Apple store, or the Cambridge Mall store in Boston, go there. Then go to a Verizon store, and a Best Buy - and tell me there's anything like the experience of an Apple store.

    My prediction? - within 2 years, all these Android and Honeycomb based tablets will be selling at 70% off on remainders sites like eCost and Buy dot com. Whatever they offer, it can't match the Apple experience.

    I speak from personal experience. I was a die-hard anti-Apple for decades, until the iPad. It seemed to be too good to be true. I walked out of the store with two, and four month later, returned to buy a MacBook Pro - and was preregistered to get one of the first iPhones from Verizon.

    It takes some time to get accustomed to Apple-speak. Activities easy in Windows are occasionally kludgey in Apple. But it all works well together, there appears to be drivers for everything, and the apps are out of sight.

    What do these new wanna-be's offer? Not enough to compete against iPads. When will these companies realize that if Steve Jobs was there first, they enter a room without oxygen.
    • BY BY IPAD

      @MedAdMan The future will not be an expensive IPad but a commodity item sold for next to nothing. If you think that IPad is beyond competition you are dreaming. Wait till the geeks get ahold of this technology and the IPad will look like a child's toy.

      I give the IPad two years at most to dominate this market.
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

        @stanton@... Well, we'll see, won't we. As you can tell by my moniker, I'm in the healthcare business. AstraZeneca, Novartis, Genentech and many other pharmaceutical companies are buying iPads by the thousands for their sales reps. I'm sure thousands of other companies in a variety of fields are buying them for their reps, too. They are a perfect sales tool for one-on-one, even 3-on-one presentations in a wide range of settings. The wide range of apps - including many medical apps - are assuring their adoption by physicians, therapists who must educate patients, and others in the healthcare business.

        You say iPads are expensive? They're dirt cheap. The first time I took one to a lunch meeting with a client, I sold a small program that will net me more than $30,000. I could have tossed my iPad into the dumpster outside the restaurant and still been way ahead. The orthopedic surgeon who uses an iPad to explain total knee arthroplasty will clear $5000-10,000/patient.

        What does an iPad cost? To business, to medicine..."bubkis."

        And in case you haven't noticed, the for-profit healthcare business is booming. I laugh every time some Tea Party type attacks "entitlements" because the millions of Medicare patients who fuel the healthcare industry are going to take them to the woodshed come 11/2012. Information communicated by iPad is so entrenched in both the clinical and commercial sides of the doctor's desks that neither side will have any reason to consider any other tablet platform.

        Alas, technies, the iPad virus is out of the lab. Enjoy your Android toys. Within 3 years, HP and Samsung and all the others will be off following some other lead dog. Your support will be nil.

        None of these Android and Honeycomb wanna-be's had the technology or guts to pioneer anything. When you're not lead dog, the view never changes.
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

        @stanton@... Just like the "commodity item(s) sold for next to nothing" made the iPod irrelevant?

        Oh wait, that never happened. And iTunes was never made irrelevant by competitors, the iPhone is the single most poplar handset in the world, and without the carriers, there is no good reason whatsoever to buy an Android tablet.

        Thanks for playing.
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

      When iPad will play Flash - I might consider.
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

        @thaddeus@... Not if it means I end up with battery life like the tablets that play Flash - with 17 million iPads, a gazillion iPhones and a trend to HTML5, the tablet gods are not smiling on Flash...
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

        @thaddeus@... Flash will be a thing of the past soon enough, WebL!
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

      @MedAdMan Why do I always get he impression that apple pays "bloggers" to write stuff
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

        @xpto2005 Hardly a blogger - and hardly paid by Apple (for 2010, it was a major investment in the other direction!).

        It's just being real about the business side of competing against Apple. You have to not want to buy an iPad to even consider any of the wanna-be models. If you start from that perspective, sure, there are lots of choices. But history isn't kind to non-innovators in this field. Business wants a solid platform device before it invests in hardware and support. Xoom sold 100,000 pieces in the first quarter. Whoop-de-do. The Manhattan Apple store at 59th and 5th probably sold half that many iPads alone in the same period.

        I repeat: If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.
      • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011


        I think that's steve jobs himself posting here.
        business owner
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

      @MedAdMan Not that I am against Apply anything, but I am an IT professional and because of security reasons, most companies are shying away from all tablets on their infrastructure. It is all great and dandy that sales reps get the Apple iPad, but for most users, the iPad is a no-no. So please do continue with your ranting and raving, but realize this, your lead dog just copied many inovations from both Windows and Android for iOS5. The only reason Apple sold so many iPad 1's is because it was the onyl one on the market. In comparison, how many iPad 2's have sold?
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011


      You're being sarcastic right? If everyone was to go by what you're saying then Gates and his windows should've closed shop a long time ago and let the mac take over the world. The truth is, windows kicked the mac's ass and the best the mac could muster is 10% against the pc's. It's happening the same thing with the iphone getting being swamped by android and it will happen to the tablet market. Studies by the Gartner group and other data research group points to that trend.
      business owner
    • RE: Top 10 tablets to watch in 2011

      @MedAdMan Funny, I speak from experience as well, I have an Ipad (got it for free) I also have a small Wifi only tablet, and as soon as a 3g one comes along (probably the HTC 10.1) I will be dumping that crappleware, and getting it. Even after its Jailbroken, I still don't like it. Browsing the web is much more like the desktop on an Android, than an Ipad. The only reason the ones now may be 70% off, is all of the current ones will be quad-cores with even more expansion capabilities, which the Ipad is seriously lacking.

      The only reason the oxygen left the room, is Jobs is such a gasbag, he sucked it dry.
      A. Noid