Top 11 smartphones to end 2010

Top 11 smartphones to end 2010

Summary: The smartphone space changes quite often, but now that all of the major holiday announcements have been made it is time to look at the best smartphones available as we head to the end of 2010. As you will see in the post and in the full article, Android is dominating the stage at the moment.


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  • My personal favorite is orange and that is what I own.

  • Dell may have one of the more unique Windows Phone 7 devices and it looks like T-Mobile is making out the best with these new devices.

  • The Epic 4G is clearly the best Samsung Galaxy S device available.

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  • RE: Top 10 smartphones to end 2010

    "While the iPhone is starting to look a bit dated"

    Are you kidding ? In my opinion, (functionality aside) the iPhone 4 is the best looking smart phone that has ever come out
    • RE: Top 10 smartphones to end 2010

      @mKind Apple is boring. Apple = closed source and only 1 hardware style. With Android you have 20+ phones to pick from. iPhones are so boring.
    • RE: Top 10 smartphones to end 2010

      @mKind It might start to look acceptable if they ever add a real qwerty keypad to it and make it less square like a brick.
      I Hate Malware

    But on the digital side of them, all of them kneel before the Non-Official (Jailbroken) iPhone 3GS (iPhone 4 is too Buggy).

    Nothing Official can beat a Non-Official iPhone 3GS. PERIOD.
  • What? No Samsung Galaxy S?

    This alleged "Top 10" is null and void without the Sansung Galaxy S included in it.
    • RE: Top 10 smartphones to end 2010

      @bargearse Epic 4G is a galaxy S phone
  • Huh, no BlackBerry?

    To take & edit a quote from bargearse:
    This alleged "Top 10" is null and void without a BlackBerry included in it.
  • iPhone 4 #1

    In my business I use several phones from different carriers. I frequently use the Incredible, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the Evo. My everyday phones iPhone 4 and Incredible. The iPhone is by far the most organized and simple to use device without glitches. Its a mistake in my experience to not rate it as #1.
  • Strange..

    Why are the Droidx and the Incredible both #2?
    • RE: Top 10 smartphones to end 2010

      @tgreaves21227@... If you read the article it says they are a tie.