Top 15 finalists from Google's international Science Fair

Top 15 finalists from Google's international Science Fair

Summary: Google's Science Fair came to a close today with participants from three age groups (all in their teens) flown in from all over the world. Here's a look at the top 15 entries this year.

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  • Lauren Hodge, 14 from York, Pa.,  might have something very valuable in store for Burger King, McDonalds and any other fast food chain with grilled chicken sandwiches. Basically, Hodge tested five different sauces with the intention of finding one that could reduce the number of carcinogens in grilled chicken when marinated first. Lemon juice proved to be the winner with the lowest pH count, while brown sugar and salt water worked alright as well. However, olive oil and soy sauce turned out to increased carcinogens.

  • Shaun Lim, 18 from Singapore, has discovered that sunflowers can actually kill. But perhaps that lethal power can be put to use. Shaun's study has found that increased UV levels stimulate the production of these chemicals that can harm some plants (i.e morning glory) while actually increasing the growth of other organisms nearby. Thus, there is the possibility that these chemicals could prove more useful than natural herbicides in certain situations. Shaun hopes that his research could be put to use to help solve the world food supply as well as used in pharmaceuticals.

  • Anand Srinivasan, 15 from Atlanta, has built a prototype that uses the application of EEG technology towards prosethetic devices. For example, Anand used the prototype, which was strapped to his head, to tell the mechanical arm he built to high-five himself. It worked. Anand says that this technology could be put to use for amputees and patients suffering from paralysis and muscular dystrophy.

Topic: Google

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  • RE: Top 15 finalists from Google's international Science Fair

    Not surprised to see the usual U.S.A bias in one of these supposedly "International" events. Only three of the top 15 are from outside of the US.
    • Or, maybe the U.S.A. has a culture that encourages

      individuality and inventiveness. Nah. It couldn't be that. That would mean your country has a problem. Much easier to just claim it's bigotry and excuse away your problems.
  • RE: Top 15 finalists from Google's international Science Fair

    It's good to hear about the children and even note one from here in San Diego is doing well in the competition.<br> Maybe one day we sill see a magnetic train with a permanent north and south inside the chassis of the train that allows a magnetically swithed track to switch the poles, thus propelling the train at speeds we normally would not dream of. <br>It is possible, exampled by automatic tranfer switchs to induce lower to higher amerage fields or even switch the track's coils using a processer such as a 66 MHZ amd.<br>Congratulations Daniel Arnold and the same goes for the others.
  • RE: Top 15 finalists from Google's international Science Fair

    Most likely there was insufficient publicity in the international circuit to get the entries.