Top accessories for your iPhone and iPad

Top accessories for your iPhone and iPad

Summary: The "best of the best" accessories that you can buy for your iPhone or iPad.


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  • Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

    Sometimes, rather than a stationary speaker dock, you want a speaker that you can take with you when you're out and about. Also, docking your iDevices with a speaker means that you can't use it while you're playing music. A solution to both these problems is to get a portable wireless speaker that allows you to stream music from your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth.

    The Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker ticks all the boxes. This is an awesome portable speaker system that offers unparalleled sound quality, superb build quality, and has a built-in rechargeable battery pack that will last a good 8 hours.

    Not only will the Bose SoundLink work with your iPhone or iPad, it will also work with any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a BlackBerry, Android handset, or even a laptop.

    Price: $299.95

    Image credit: Bose

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard

    There are literally hundreds of wireless keyboards out there for the iPhone and iPad, but no matter how many I try, I keep coming back to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. It seems to tick all the right boxes for me. It's light, slim, compact, stylish, robust, and very comfortable to use … a feature overlooked on many keyboards.

    Also, the two AA batteries last for months, which is a real bonus.

    Price: $69.00

    Image credit: Apple

    For more keyboards and cases for your iPad, take a look at James Kendrick's "Top keyboard/cases for the iPad 3."

  • Jawbone Icon HD

    The Jawbone Icon HD is the best, clearest, most comfortable, and easiest to use Bluetooth headset I've used.

    Call clarity is taken care of by the military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5 noise-cancellation and wind reduction technology. The built-in 10mm wideband speaker allows you to privately listen to music, podcasts, YouTube videos, sports, phone calls and more, all in full-spectrum, HD-quality sound.

    To top all that off, the Jawbone HD supports a whole range of downloadable apps and voices. 

    Price: $99

    Image credit: Jawbone

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  • Lifeproof

    Lifeproof is the case you must check out before you buy anything else.
  • iPad Smart Cover

    In regards to the iPad Smart Cover, as my wife calls it the 'Not So Smart Cover', if you accidentally pick up the iPad by the cover, the magnets are not strong enough to keep the two connected and the iPad will drop. In my case the iPad screen cracked and was no longer operational. I thought I was a careful person, but obviously not enough for this case.
    • holding ipad by cover

      you dummy why the hell would you hold anything by its cover be it book laptop or ipad
  • G-Form

    Have you checked out G-Form cases, that is the only one I will use?
  • Awesome IPAD video!

    Having trouble with your IPAD? The IPAD is the greatest thing since slice bread! Get the most out of your IPAD NOW!