Top Android customizations

Top Android customizations

Summary: Top Android customizations to make it uniquely yours. See the full article on ZDNet Mobile News.


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  • Other launchers

    It is a shame that you spent most of your pictures on LauncherPro. It is a great launcher and I won't take away from that fact. But since your are talking about customization, there are other great launchers out there that you should have pictured like ADW, and BetterHome just to name a couple.
    • RE: Top Android customizations

      @tommcd64 I agree, he should have featured ADW and Better Home too. x3
    • RE: Top Android customizations

      I've been using the free GO launcher lately and it's not bad, could use some more themes though.
      I'd also like to note that I can hardly stand to look at that droplet background. Such an eyesore, but that's a personal opinion.
  • RE: Top Android customizations

    I showed the ones I have installed and am actively using. Unfortunately it's just not practical to show every alternative out there. :)
  • RE: Top Android customizations

    But the post is "Top Android customizations" not "my personal favorites"... No mention of CyanogenMod even.