Top Android Tablet Apps -- Early 2012 Edition

Top Android Tablet Apps -- Early 2012 Edition

Summary: Ice Cream Sandwich is just rolling out for Android devices, and already we are seeing apps appear that require it to run. Only one app on this list requires it, the rest will run on any tablet with Honeycomb and up.


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  • Feedly is a news magazine app that scrapes RSS feeds and social networks to present updates in an attractive magazine format. It is similar to Zite, available only on the iPad. The subject matter can be customized in Feedly to present only the topics of interest.

    Free on the Android Market

  • Google Music works with the music service launched by Google, and is a good music player. It can play music stored locally on the tablet and music in the Google cloud. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but is a solid app that works well on the tablet.

    The current version of Google Music displays now playing music on the lock screen on tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, allowing interaction with the app without unlocking the device.

    Free on the Android Market

  • I like to follow a few podcasts, and Doggcatcher is a great app for doing that. It combines a nice interface with a great podcast player to make it a breeze to keep up with shows. There is a strong search feature in Doggcatcher that helps find podcasts of interest.

    $4.99 on the Android Market (free trial version available)

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    New ICS version of Gmail and still no unified inbox. Retarded.
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