Touchscreen monitors

Touchscreen monitors

Summary: A range of touchscreen monitors suitable for use with Windows 7 and for testing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


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  • Dell  ST2220T multi-touch monitor

    ·         Size: 21.5-inch

    ·         Max resolution: 1920x1080 (full HD)

    Price: $329.99

    Image credit/More info: Dell

  • Elo 1515L

    ·         Size: 15-inch

    ·         Max resolution: 1024x768

    Price: $460

    Image credit: Elo

Topics: Hardware, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

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  • None of these monitors are good enough for Win 8

    In my opinion. Egde pixels are heavily used in Windows 8, it seems that all of these monitors will be relatively difficult to use because of the bezels. Also, you want multi-touch capability, preferably 10 point multi-touch or better. This gallery didn't distinguish what type of touch capability (capacitive, resistive, multi-touch, etc.) I expect a new crop of better touch monitors coming in the near future.