Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 7.04

Summary: Taking a look at Ubuntu 7.04 "Feisty Fawn" alpha

TOPICS: Ubuntu

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Topic: Ubuntu

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  • Version

    An article on a finished version, Like 6.10 (Edgy Elf) would be much more useful than a review of an alph version.
  • Ubuntu

    This free OS is pretty good & the appearance is also nice. For a free OS like this one, actually there is no much of complain. However, the only thing is the accessories such as the driver. I am using the Linksys wireless card which I am unable to use it until today. The OS is able to detect this card but no connection at all. Hope that this OS can improve this issue.
    • No VISTA drivers!!! What CRAP!!!

      There aren't a lot of drivers for hardware, in VISTA, and there probably won't be. That is because the entire business model that is ratified by Microsoft is to toss out your current functional computer, and buy all new "registered" hardware!

      Those same 'trusted partners' profit when they don't provide resource data to Open Source programmers, or, even, provide the drivers!

      Well, we who run Open Source Software are actually in a forced boycott of the entire scam. We can run 2nd or 3rd generation hardware at upto 50X faster speeds than Microsoft XP can show, in certified benchmark tests.

      We might be less than 20% of the 'consumer market', but, we are headed down the same path as the 83% Open Source 'Server market',
      and the dismal failure of VISTA only helps our growth!

      http://distrowatch.com http://livecdlist.com
  • beta version

    Hey, I liked all this screen shots. That is really helpful. The only issue with the article is that I didn't notice you mentioning what you tested was a beta. Some in the know might be familiar with that, but for others just looking at ubuntu could be turned off with so many errors. Just think that disclaimer should be added. Otherwise, the screen shots were wonderful. Much more than other reviews I've seen. Thanks for putting those up.
  • imcompatible with windows?

    I have tried Ubunto, one of its former releases, but it did remember of my Tandy Colo Computer days with OS9 from Microware...I know the comparence is not quite right, but the feeling is the same. I got a lot of OS9 stuff and have done away most of it. If OS9 had been compatible with windows, I would have stayed with OS9..and this said it all.
  • Linux?

    Is this linux? can i remove the GUI and have everything in text like the original Lunix? Thanks and sorry for da lame q.
    • Yes, it's GNU/Linux!

      In fact, it is Debian GNU/Linux! The oldest established commercial free distribution is Debian. Yes, you can add any commercial proprietary program(s) desired, once you have installed it!

      BTW: Free (including postage!) CDroms are at http://Ubuntu.org
      Your donation is certainly appreciated! You decide what it's value is!

      Now then, there appears to be some animosity on the boards of ZDNet, both PRO and CON Microsoft, and PRO/CON GNU/Linux. Now, I can see paid Microsoft Trolls doing it! I just didn't think they lurked under the ZDNet 'bridge'!

      It sure is silly, considering that Microsoft.com is behind 15,000 Akamai Linux leased servors, Hotmail.com has always been GNU/Linux mixed originally with some BSD servers, in 1997, but, now at full strength of 15,000 GNU/Linux servers.

      Microsoft runs all Corporate Aruba router/firewalls on Linux. MSN.com is 15,000 GNU/Linux servers, and the Lab 400 is 400 GNU/Linux computers.

      These OSes and FREE Open Source Software programs are all tools.

      If a FREE and OPEN tool works better, because the grassroots movement of the world puts some passion and heartfelt effort into it, then, why should I pay $495 for Microsoft Office, when Open Office reads and writes ALL M$ filesystems back to 1986?

      Besides I won't let the facts of multiple FELONY convictions sway my opinion of Microsoft, nor, will I judge M$ by the fact that GNU/Linux runs upto 50X faster in most processes!

      The facts that this MULTIPLE CONVICTED FELON Microsoft had their DOJ probation EXTENDED for THREE MORE YEARS, and that Microsoft continues to MUG the consumer shouldn't really be a death rattle for the CRIMINAL FELON, right?

      OK, I guess you get it, Microsoft SUXS! VISTA = Virus Instability, Spyware, Trojans, Adware, and, is a loser!

      Anyone who would issue a resource hog that needs 2 Gigabytes of RAM, 20Gb of drive space, just to run should be FIRED! The fact that you can't get drivers for most of the current hardware, printers, video cards shouldn't sway the sheeple, who will believe anything that Promoter Steve Ballmer spouts!

      Yep, Micro$oft $ux$, as always, 50X slower than any of the hundreds of FREE OSes such as Ubuntu, http://pclinuxos.com, http://livecdlist.com http://distrowatch.com !
      • GNU/Linus & Microsoft

        A little over the top but your second to last paragraph is Right On......