Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation

Summary: Taking a look at the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron installation process.

TOPICS: Linux, Open Source

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  • Prepare disk space.

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  • Ready to install.

Topics: Linux, Open Source

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  • advanced button

    I bet the choice where to install grub is hidden under the advance button...Still!
    (see screenshot 11)
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    If I can install Ubuntu in "Windoze" like a VM without having to screw up my Windows boot Menu, I'm ALL FOR IT!!! It's about time.
    • run it inside windoze

    • MS Virtual PC is freeware from Microsoft, you know?

      You can download Virtual PC and use it to create a "virtual PC" for you to install Ubuntu on inside Windows. No dual-booting. To remove the virtual PC, you delete a file (the virtual PC harddrive) and it's gone.

      Go to MS website and search for Virtual PC.
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    you must install a virtual machine on windows xp and must works perfectly my brot!
    • where the VM machine download?

      Pls would let me know where I could download this VM? Thanks
      • VM machine download

        You can download a few versions from VMWARE...
        Here's a link to 8.04 Alpha 4

    • Virtual Machine mandatory ?

      I had bad experience with VMWARE in my windoze machine in the past ... Also, looking at the installation screenshots, there is no warning of the need of a Virtual Machine ...
      • No

        If you install Ubuntu with Wubi you don't need a virtual machine. Wubi creates a bootable folder within windows so if you just want to try Ubuntu out with low risk you can. If you decide you don't like Ubuntu you can uninstall it just like any windows app through the control panel.
  • That's nice. Now...

    ...can it do anything? :D
    • ?

      no, the question is can YOU do anything!
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    You all make valid points It is questionable as to what the VM ware is and the safety involved. I have used VM ware but have had problems such as partition loss and system failure after backing out and going back to standard windows system.
    It would be good to know what's and the hood so to speak. I think you are right though it is probably their same VM from the past but I guess that remains to be seen.
    Can't wait for the release. It is always nice to see Linux one step further to being an operating system that is usable without having to learn Unix. 7.10 was sure a huge improvement over it's predecessor.
    • Ease of use

      My opinion: The Linux command line takes a little while to learn all the commands, but once you have those learned, the command line is more efficient than a GUI. The only real reason for a GUI is for a graphical web browser and maybe a spreadsheet program. Just about anything else (aside from graphics editing) can be done from command line.
  • Sorry guys ...

    I saw it now on screenshot 9 ... I believe it's risky to add new partitions on a Windoze instalation, I've had problems with that in my XP before. Would need an extra test machine which I don?t; won't go further with this. Bye & thanks.
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    OKKKKK!! so how do I download this OS, because is not in the UBUNTU/Linux web page? what's up dude?
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    OOOKKKKK!!! so how do I get a copy of the OS or a CD image, because is not on the website, I just check there and their version is only to Ubuntu 7.10, what's up dude?
    • 8.04

      Try this address...http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/8.04/ worked for me.lol.ron.
  • u/g 7.10 without complete re-install, possible?

    I dual boot 7.10 on an old win98 machine, it works great. Is there a way I an upgrade to 8.04 without doing a complete re-install?
    • No problem

      You can use the update manager in 7.10 to upgrade to 8.04 so you don't have to do a complete reinstall.
  • RE: (Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron - Installation)

    I installed HH... quite an improvement but no changes in latex... no DVD film-viewing facilites... however, I'll keep it... jj