Updating your HP TouchPad to webOS 3.0.4 (how-to)

Updating your HP TouchPad to webOS 3.0.4 (how-to)

Summary: Add a camera/camcorder app and pair non-webOS phones to your HP TouchPad with this latest build of webOS from HP.


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  • Who says webOS is dead? HP just released a new over-the-air update for the TouchPad that adds a number of new features to the discontinued tablet. webOS 3.0.4 makes it possible to pair a non-webOS phone to the TouchPad via Bluetooth, and to use the built-in camera for shooting photos and videos, for example. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your TouchPad to the latest build.

    Read on for my tips and thoughts on webOS 3.0.4.

    Step 1: Access your TouchPad's "System Updates" app
    Tap on the "arrow" icon on the bottom of your menu bar > the Settings tab to bring up a list of your system management apps (pictured above). 

    Photo Credit: Gloria Sin
    Captions By: Gloria Sin


  • Step 2: Let your TouchPad connect to the server
    Tapping on the gift-like "System Updates" icon should trigger your TouchPad to connect with HP's server for the file. Make sure your device has a strong Wi-Fi signal.

    Read on for my tips and thoughts on webOS 3.0.4.

    Photo Credit: Gloria Sin
    Captions By: Gloria Sin


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  • RE: Updating your HP TouchPad to webOS 3.0.4 (how-to)

    I updated my TouchPad and works great. Also updated and unlocked the Veer with http://www.palmunlocker.com/
  • The browser is still buggy

    It's virtually useless for business apps that run web service calls, since the browser randomly refreshes. Typical web-based apps put a single image on-screen, then update the various 'fields' (text boxes) with data retrieved via web service and similar calls.

    The Touchpad browser randomly and completely unpredictably refreshes the base screen, thereby removing all data retrieved via underlying web service calls.

    The designers obviously have no business background in web programming. This particular bug has been brought to HP's attention many times.

    Disappointing, to say the least.
    • RE: Updating your HP TouchPad to webOS 3.0.4 (how-to)

      Auto refresh of the browser is a setting that you can just go and turn OFF.

      You may also want to double check that the page you are on isn't doing timed refresh within the javascript or whatever client side code the program itself is using. This is not a touchpad browser issue.
  • Preware

    Be patient after installing update 3.0.4 if you had a lot of Preware apps and patches installed. They may not work after installing 3.0.4, but after a few days, updates will show up that corrects the incompatibility.